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My Project Snow Plow - With Custom Electric-Pivot

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by reitze, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    This youtube playlist has 6 videos of the project:

    1. Final Design
    2. Plow Dolly Setup Demo
    3. Snow Plow Redesign 2
    4. Plow redesigned
    5. Custom Plow on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
    6. Snow Plow Pivot On Dolly

    So video #5 was the first attempt at a custom pivot and is where I began creating some documentation of the project. By that time I had already welded the cross-member-mount to the front-hitch of the jeep and decided it didn't lift high enough - so cut the winch-mount-tower off and used the front-hitch for the winch, then welded back on the winch-tower with a design alteration. By then it seemed custom enough to share.

    Here's the Photobucket-slide-show of the project (30 pics).

    This picture is actually a screen-clip from video #1 and shows the design-result. It's working well this way. However, as mossman381 suggested in the pictures thread 4000 lbs working against it through a winter might kill it.


    I'll be babying it for a while - but late winter I'll do some snow-bank adjustments and see what happens.
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  2. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

  3. adksnowo

    adksnowo Senior Member
    Messages: 370

    Gonna be interesting to see how it works out in the first big lake-effect dump!
  4. xtreem3d

    xtreem3d PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,548

    Dr. Frankenstein and Simon -Bar-Sinister got nuthin' on you,...That's some crazy SH** right there.
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  5. maverjohn

    maverjohn Senior Member
    Messages: 902

    Plow some snow and let us know how it works, very creative.

    IPLOWSNO PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,620

    dam, your close to me, i have been thinking of making a blade for my x90. and have been thinking of ways to fabricate it, very clever :mechanic:
  7. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    Thanks guys!

    Yea it will be interesting. I'm sure it's good enough for my driveway. What I'm not sure about - like if I were more commercial like some here... is about using it in the straight position with obsticales just to the side (eg: the max-cable-stress).

    The cables are already sooo tight just from my tension springs that I can't pull the clutch on the winch (like I did in that 1st video design-case). So if someone (IPLOWSNO???) wanted to sponsor something bigger on their own equipment... well...

    I do have a bigger winch and a better design-approach in mind. So basically, this design/build is good enough for my snow-needs (driveway is only 20' x 40' but it is in Syracuse NY), but for someone else's plow? or if I can actually brake mine...

    A 3000 lbs winch - mounted on the opposite side from the lift winch and pulling left/right along the blade-direction (rather than on-corner sitting verticle like mine). And then pullies to pull L/R from the outside of the blade-tip-springs, with tensioners between the frames... would have more leverage, more power.

    To do it I would need/want 5 or 6 of those stronger-model pullies too (about $30 each). So the parts cost for a pivot is looking like about $300, and then some welding. Or lighter 2000 lbs model like mine parts go about $150 - and it could have been rigged for more leverage now that I'm into the rigging approach. In fact there's no reason the pull-cables couldn't pull on the blade-ends (full leverage, easy to spring-tension, etc).
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  8. TatraFan

    TatraFan Senior Member
    Messages: 191

    That setup weights 2000lbs? I'm surprised it weights so much... I would have guessed under 1000lbs actually. So I have question why did you use winches instead of the more traditional approach of hydraulics?
  9. Banksy

    Banksy PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,113

    Looking forward to some action pics of this rig. I would have gone with a simple Meyer elec/hydro toggle switch pump. I don't see those cables lasting very long. I saw a Jeep GC one time with a permanently mounted Fisher. That was in Weston or Wayland, Mass. outside a little coffee shop.
  10. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    thanks. That x90 sounds very interesting, I like that idea. Can you get a class 3 hitch for it front or back? There are light weight push-only models like that, like the Snowsport.

    On my jeep a 7' blade seems quite large too. So I was originally considering one of the Snow-sport model plows, but ended up getting the used plow I started with here for $800 (prolly more than it was worth with all that wear). I have considered cutting 3" off of each end - and then re-welding the end-plates.

    I am still considering doing a re-conditioning myself on the main scraper-blade. Anyone ever do that?

    Like either flipping it over (use the top-side-down), or using the angle grinder to remove 1/2" from it end-to-end along a straight edge (clamped on bed-rail).
  11. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    No the winch-rating is 2000 lbs (the winch I used for pivot). My guess is the whole thing weighs about 200 or 300 lbs because I can lift it myself, and can easily lift/move 1 end at a time even with 1 hand.

    As far as winches, well when I got it it had a winch-lift, and was already a welding project just to put the plow onto the vehicle. Wanting pivot and having the 2000 lbs winch available - well it just extended the welding project without the cost of the hydrolics...
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2011
  12. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    I would have liked a Meyer elec/hydro if I had that cash - but kept my spending below $1K. As far as aging, I think the aging of the cables will depend on several things - and everything right they could last a decade!

    Use - If I turn it to one side and most of the snow pushed is on that side (normal), the cables remain stress free. Worst stress case = hit something big on the forward end (like the left if its positioned to the right).

    Tensioners - the arches of motion where the cables pull necessitate some cable-slack. Springs keeping it taunt seem to be working perfectly. I've noticed that when I do give it a good shove against the week-side or when it's not on 1 side, the springs absorb most of my "impact force". So stronger tensioners mean less worst-case cable-tension. Those springs are from a curb-side trampoline and seem to be just right.

    Pullies - there remains a small amount of miss-alignment of the pullies (not much any more). As best I can tell the pull-directions are such that none of the pullies is being destroyed. But if that's wrong - it could wear fast. Same with the winch-spool - it does seem the bottom cable was rubbing the bottom of the spool a bit till I added that 2nd sping there.

    So all in all I do think it will last unless I hit something big enough to break it, or unless it gets iced-up in the winch or something like that.

    IPLOWSNO PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,620

    no snosport i was thinking like a snowmobile groomer looking blade myself
  14. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    Yea I know what you mean... endedup with something big for my jeep to stay used/cheep. But rather than going hardcore-project with something small I got what I thought would be nicer than it was w/o pics from craig's list. I could have done better I think on that.

    But on the small-size vehicle plows I think there's a gap in the plow market. There are plows people have put on cars (near as small as an x90), but they're projects like me. Here's one I enjoyed on youtube: car with snow plow redneck snowplow chevy corsica

    IPLOWSNO PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,620

    when i do mine i hope it will be better hahahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,
  16. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    Me too, that's why I posted the pics and videos - you have that to go on. BTW, this youtuber did a fairly nice custom plow job too. He's also using a spring and a double-wound winch, getting spring-down-force from the 2nd wind on the lift-winch. I'm not sure if he can pivot it, but the blade appears smaller/lighter like you'd want (looks like he made a real frame behind a snowsport).

    To me it again it demonstrates there's lots of 4x4s out there that could do some light duty plow work where people normally do way too much shoveling. I do hope you come up with something better than this guy's home made snowplow. LMFAO his dog was gonna stop it.:D

    IPLOWSNO PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,620

    yea some of those are funny to see, seeing as i won't be home this year when it hits, i don't see me coming home and getting on the wheeler.

    the car is heavier, and all i do is mine and the neighbors, and seeing as i have the wheeler, and a snoblower, the car's blade doesn't need to angle.

    i am thinking of a nice front bumper guard, and mounting a winch to that, and the plow could simply be like my wheeler's belly mount.

    i have to make some templates of the parts i want and see how much someone would charge to cut them out for me.i am gonna keep the plow light gauge but yet it willbe strong enough for what i need.

    i bought it for my kid, but she doesn't have or want her license, so i drive it and really like the buggy. i may have to repaint for me too lol

    anyway, heres the vid,

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  18. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    That's a nice vehicle to start with. Your challenge will be to keep it nice while providing function. This guy's setup is a great example of function: Tracker snow blower (Suzuki Sidekick) in the Rimouski, but the size of that blower means he needs to get that thing off of there for the vehicle to have any other use. My jeep can still travel ok w/ the blade on it but then again my wife isn't into driving it like that.
  19. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

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  20. reitze

    reitze Member
    Messages: 37

    Hammer wack worth $300

    I had a thread under the picture forum - it was prolly miss located for the forum and now its gone. So he're a re-post of a sort:

    Yesterday I mounted the plow and went to run the lift. The lift-winch was dead. I took the plow off and tried again with jumper cables. Still dead. So I bought a new one via eBay for $300.

    Later on I thought of my grandfather's story about he guy who got a ton of $ for knowing where to whack the windmill. It seemed worth a try. So I selected an ordinary claw-hammer and gave it 1 good whack. Its been working ever since.

    I remounted it and have plowed the driveway twice with it. I'm happy with it - though its like using a sledge to sqash a bug (my driveway's only 20'x40'). :mechanic:

    {There were replies from Philbilly2, and maverjohn - I didn't get to read them all.}