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My Own HOA

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by herb1001, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. herb1001

    herb1001 Senior Member
    Messages: 112

    I live in a town house and I got a letter today from my HOA that I am in violation of rules because we are not allowed to have commercial vehicles in our driveways. My plates are not commercial and I do not have letters on my truck. Just a snow plow on a regular pick up truck.

    Oh well I just put the plow in the garage and moved the truck into a parking spot. Cant say I didnt make an effort.

    Anyone ever have trouble with this?

  2. djjs

    djjs Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 13

    I had something similar before my wife and I moved into our house, the complex we were living at had no problem with my daily driver f350 being parked in the lot even though it was lettered and had commercial plates, but once the plow went on it before a storm they would b*tch, I got a few letters from the assocation even though I took the plow off after every storm. Once the hack they hired to plow the parking lots stopped showing up in a blizzard suddenly I was everyones best friend. Ended up landing the year round contract on the property and that definately helped the down payment on the house funny how things work out sometimes
  3. wellnermp

    wellnermp Senior Member
    from Alaska
    Messages: 102

    That seems pretty silly to me. Almost like they don't like to admit that people in the community have to work for a living. It's not like you have a box van parked out front. Maybe you could get them to further explain their deffinition of a "commercial vehicle."
  4. sweetk30

    sweetk30 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,588

    x2 if you ask me .
  5. bighornjd

    bighornjd Senior Member
    Messages: 249

    I would tell them a 'commercial vehicle' is something that requires a 'commercial driver's license' or CDL. A pickup is under 26,000 and doesn't need one. See how that works, lol. Actually, I would tell them to go **** themselves. I can't stand HOA's and will NEVER live someplace that has one. It's bad enough having to follow some of the rules in some townships or cities. Even worse trying to follow the rules of a bunch of paper pushers and soccer moms who make them up as they go along and don't have a lick of common sense. I don't need to pay some outrageous HOA fee every year so I can be told what I can and can't do. I already pay a mortgage and taxes and have the state and township telling me those things. No need to make things worse. JMO. Glad I live in bumfuq, tired of everyone else moving here and ruining it though.
  6. Mabepossibly

    Mabepossibly Senior Member
    Messages: 107

    Thats why I love living in the country. I could park a dump truck full of aids in my driveway and not a word would be said.
  7. clark lawn

    clark lawn PlowSite.com Addict
    from NE ohio
    Messages: 1,233

    i'll bet that the rules have alway been there. i love it when people dont do their homework before they do something and then get pi$$ed when they called on it.
  8. thelettuceman

    thelettuceman PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,218

    I live in a development with the same rules. I have not been bothered by the HOA
  9. KEC Maintaince

    KEC Maintaince Senior Member
    from N.J.
    Messages: 265

    HOA can write their own rules.
    now the question is if you do use the truck for business...if so then it is technically a commercial vehicle.
    i said technically even if you do not have commercial plates on the truck. i agree with you on this i am not bashing here
    now. you have to get a copy of the HOA agreement and see if it states that they consider pick up trucks all sizes to be considered commercial.
    by putting a plow on the truck if you ae not using it for personal use say to plow your own stores or driveway and are using it to make money then they can tell you it is commercial..
    technically it is and should carry all the commercial insurance that is if you use it to plow other then personal use.
    i know how many trucks have them with out commercial plates but thats not the point.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2011
  10. LB1234

    LB1234 Member
    Messages: 91

    agreed there are reasons the rules are there. pay rent or move somewhere where this won't apply.
  11. Westhardt Corp.

    Westhardt Corp. Senior Member
    Messages: 845

    So I guess this wouldn't fly in his 'hood, eh?


  12. Surfdunn

    Surfdunn Member
    Messages: 43

  13. Montosi82

    Montosi82 Member
    Messages: 62

    Junior Member Join Date: Dec 2010
    Location: Upstate, NY
    Posts: 23

    Thats why I love living in the country. I could park a dump truck full of aids in my driveway and not a word would be said.

    I almost spit out my jack and coke when i read that.
  14. woodchuck2

    woodchuck2 Senior Member
    Messages: 304

    I am wondering where he lives so i dont turn around in his driveway!! :laughing:
  15. MetroplexPlow

    MetroplexPlow Junior Member
    Messages: 20

    same thing flys in reguards to utility trailers , campers (of any sort) Mobile home parks have these rules as well , No commerical vehicles, no trailers, campers , etc only allowed to have 1 vehicle PER driver per HOUSEhold. ... hmmm - did random check of development , found 6-7 trailers (utility) in various places on property of Each Tenant's property . also guy living aprox 7-10 trailers down has Desiel dodge and 34ft (give or take) 5th wheel trailer he constantly brought home .. HMM who's sucking who's ________ ? TOTALLY unfair i got kicked out that place for having a load of trash ( 1 treadmill) in the back of my truck . yea - you can't have nothing in the back of your pickups either !!! Nazis! B.s if you can afford to buy the house out right and pay lot rent and you don't bother no one i don't see a problem with having a utility trailer , or camper . i've seen some mobile home parks who accomidate for these and campers in another location in the park.. This one not! Its not beverely hills ! shesh. If your doing what you have to do to earn a living and put food on the table and pay the bills do what you have to do . Thats exactly what i was doing.
  16. rcr4w

    rcr4w Member
    Messages: 39

    I agree with you guys I will never move back to any city and if your defintion of a commercial vehicle is something you make money with then everyone who drives a vehicle to work owns a commercial vehicle
  17. rich414

    rich414 Senior Member
    Messages: 294

    IF you can get on the HOA board and then you can make the rules to best suit your needs!
  18. TSherman

    TSherman Member
    Messages: 74

    I actually choked on popcorn!
  19. bln

    bln Senior Member
    Messages: 767

    I had problems with my hoa. They wrote me a letter so I went to a board meeting. At that meeting they were going to pass a bylaw that prevents someone from running their business out of their house. I asked them how they were going to enforce seeing how our township doesn't have any laws against it. Long story short they can write all the letters they want but if it isn't against the law they can't do squat. I Guess I'm the A-hole of the sub.
  20. clp94

    clp94 Member
    from S.E MA
    Messages: 88

    personally id tell them to go pound sand out their ass...thats just me.