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My NY winter ag show visit

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by leon, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. leon

    leon Senior Member
    Messages: 872

    When I visited the ag show on Friday one of the first stops was the Tudor and Jones exibit to check on the new the Pronovost products and hoping to see the PXPL-50-75 but they did not bring one to the winter show. they did bring a Pronovost 60 inch wide Lynx two stage snow blower for a compact utility tractor.

    The tudor and jones folks brought several pronovost items including a small PTO powered cement mixer for small batches using a compact utility tractor, its small enough to make batches of sand and salt, mixing windsheild washer fluid with salt and sand to fully mix it. I forgot to grab a flyer to find its empty weight. It is small enough that could be loaded in pick up box or an open trailer as it has a landing frame to set it on the ground.

    The Tudor and Jones folks brough a small Pronovost farm trailer to the show to exhibit it.

    The Pronovost farm or road trailer that allows you to dump on three sides but changing dumping positions requires changing the location of the cylinder I think for dumping left or right as the box rides on four steel balls attached to runniing gear corners to allow it to lift and arc to dump (I for got to ask if the cylinder mounting hardware was attached to allow the owner to change dumping positions easily.

    The trailer offers removable sides and end plate options and a grain gate option with a rotary wheel to lift it that could be used for bulk salt or sand and it would be easy to divide it to carry both salt and sand.

    The side dumping option would make quick work of transporting snow loaded in to it by a skid loader or small tractor with a loader.The smaller trailers have a hand powered or 12 volt hydraulic pump option as well. A slippery liner would make dumping snow an easy and fast operation.

    I had hoped to see one of the new Hardy salt and sand spreaders that can be attached to the three point hitch of a tractor, a skid loader mount, Hardy, Euro or three point attachment system is another option and it can be loaded at ground level. The hopper also has a permanent tarpaulin system.

    It has a hydraulic motoer to power the sealed twin gearbix blender to mix salt and sand a manually regulated spreader opening using a hand crank and threaded rod to regulate the delivery of the salt or sand with no waste as it is a drop spreader unit with an 80 inch drop width. The attachment mounting brackets are adjustable with wide slots in the four permanent mounting brackets welded to the spreader frame to allow easy attachment on numerous machines by loosening the bolts that hold both mounting arms and sliding them in or out to match the mounting of the machine used to carry it.

    The hardy hydraulic motor included with the spreader is used to mix and keep the material in the hopper loose for drop spreading to the ground. The hydraulic system on the drop spreader has a check valve for one way motor rotation for mixing salt and sand.

    The flyer does not show the mixers in the bottom of the unit as it is covered with the the incuded tarpaulin. The tarpauilin has a hand crank to retract the tarp and a spring lever to pull it back to cover the hopper to keep out moisture.

    The new Pronovost front mount hitch for the 35 to 55 H.P. tractor was not in the display at the ag show but requires a tractor with amid mount PTO system.

    The HRCCW35-55 front hitch is equipped with a reverser gear box in the frront mounting frame for counter clock wise rotationg mid point PTO tractors.

    The HRCW35-55 is the front mount hitch without the reverser for the tractor using a midmount clockwise rotating PTO shaft.

    The retail prices for the Pronovost mixer, lynx snow blower, sand spreader and front hitch were not posted with the machines,
    I neglected to ask for them as well which was an error on my part as I arrived late on friday to the farm show.

    Last edited: Feb 27, 2010