MY Newest Truck!!!!!

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by iceyman, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. iceyman

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    hahahha i just got done with this on LEGO.COM this is my first one so the next one will def be better...

    ohh ya its got a 8 block meyer with wings.....and a vbox in the back...

    lego turk1.jpg
  2. creativedesigns

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    Theres one thing wrong!! The trip edge is supposed to be on the bottom, not the top:D
    I would take it back to your dealer asap!...unless Grandview can fix it!:D:drinkup:
  3. OP

    iceyman PlowSite Fanatic
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    was trying to make a deflector...
  4. Quality SR

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    Is that what you used for those " HUGE" piles?
  5. OP

    iceyman PlowSite Fanatic
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    hahahahahhahhah how cud you tell...
  6. deere615

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    Don't even get me started on legos, I just built a huge construction mardi gras float for french class, It was awesome, I even had a guy cutting grass in the front!
  7. grandview

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    More than enough for that 1 inch of snow.And it probably took longer to make then you spent plowing!
  8. snow problem

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    Guess use guys froM nj are really bored with the lack of snow. Maybe this week we can play again.
  9. EGLC

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    Sweet!!! The only problem is we don't even have enough snow for that "truck" to push. :dizzy::realmad: