My new salt spreader!!

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by born2farm, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. born2farm

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    Well I went to an auction yesterday and picked this up for $50. I think I got a great deal on it. It should last me as long as I need it. I plan on using it for salt and fert.




    NO this is it beside my ole $1 spreader.

  2. iceyman

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    :nod:nice tires on it...:drinkup:
  3. abbert55

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    Looks like new:nod:

    I wonder how it would do on my 2.5 acre parking lot:dizzy: LOL
  4. Enzo

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    Nice. I got the same concept. I have a fertilizer spreader just like your old one ecept mine is a scotts as well. It will work well to spread ice melter or sand for my driveways.
  5. mulcahy mowing

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    We use the same spreaders at the Golf course I work at in the summer thats a nice spreader!
  6. creativedesigns

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    Heres my new Epoke drop spreader!

  7. Snowpower

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    You paid 1200 dollars for that spreader? No wonder you cant afford gloves.
  8. creativedesigns

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    with tax it came to $1440 , its got heated handle grips! :D
  9. Snowpower

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    Thats rediculously expensive, especially when there are quality pieces available for 450 dollars.

    You could have bought 3- 36 inch wide Lescos for the same price you paid for that thing.
  10. dmcenery

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    I would still use the old spreader for salt. That $50.00 dollar version from the auction retails for $450.00 ++++.