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I decided to get a bigger fisher plow for my k-5 jimmy. I am in the process of selling my 7 foot plow on ebay right now. I just got a 7.5 foot, almost new plow for my truck. I needed the extra half foot. I have a problem with the new plow. It is in incredibly nice shape with a nice paint job. It has one small problem though. It has no cutting edge bolted on it right now. There are even no holes on the trip edge where I could bolt a new cutting edge on. Its the fisher style plow before the minuteman plows came out. I can understand not having a cutting edge on it, but why are there no predrilled out hole on the trip edge. Is it a possibility that the trip edge is aftermarket or something? If so, who made the trip edge.

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I dont belive Fisher includes cutting edges with their plows. Dealer do though, at least here. But I bought a Fisher used it was a '92, was 3 years old never used, didn't have cutting edge, but did have holes though. I know the smaller fishers don't uses cutting edge. Good luck.


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I believe at one time the whole trip edge was designed to be worn out and then replaced. I think you should be able to drill the trip edge to match a standard bolt pattern cutting edge.


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For what it's worth....

Back in the early days, Fisher never had a "Bolt On" Cutting Edge. The trip edge (they call it a base angle) was the cutting edge. As time goes on it obviously wears out. It is a very expensive part and very expensive to ship as it weight quite a bit.

Someone came up with the idea of drilling holes into the base angle and bolting on a replaceable cutting edge. Eventually Fisher saw this and decided to "Pre-Drill" the base angle at the factory. Dealers then can offer the replaceable edge as an option - either at the time of sale or later as the base angle wears out.

If your unit doesn't have the holes then either your plow is from the 80's or it is a fabricated replacement from a weld shop. I suspect the latter if the plow is in as good a shape as you indicate.

If you want to put a replaceable edge on your plow - buy a Meyer cutting edge and use the edge as a templet to drill the holes. If in fact the base angle is a fabricated one - depending how it was made, you could run into a clearance problem on the support ribs on the back of the base angle blocking a mounting hole. Even the Factory units have one bolt hole that run VERY close to one the bolt holes.

If you need more information, feel free to call me at 800-761-1700 or email me direct at

Hope this helps.

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