my muffler glows orange!! ..any idea's?

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by xtreem3d, Feb 24, 2008.

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    hey guys got problem i have never had before...11HP honda on a spreader..purrs like a kitten for about 15 minutes then starts to sputter like it is getting rich ( i thought maybe a clogged passage in the carb at first) by accident i was out of the truck and notice the muffler is bright glowing orange and small flames are coming out the end. if i shut it off and let it cool a few minutes it'll run fine then glow again. i'm not aware a 4 stroke muffler could clog up like our trimmers and blowers can. anyone have this happen?
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    my leaf blowers and vac both will glow orange in the dark and they are four stroke.the muffler gets up to about 700-800degrees when it runs for a while.
  3. OP

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    this isn't a normal orange glow...there's definitely something happening that shouldn't be
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    The timming is advanced, its running too hot.

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    Check the air filter on the spreader. I'm sure it is black from carbon, sucking recycled air because of the inclosure of the spreader. Once the engine starts to run rich the carbon will build up and run richer until almost no air can be sucked through the filter. This can also happen if the choke is applies allitle too long during start up.

    Quick fix try removing the filter and run as usual. More than likely the mufler will not glow any more. Have had this problem in the past with other engines which are in a closed enviroment. While you are at it change the oil, plug, filter and add a touch of fuel conditioner. These are preventative maintance perks, mostly due to the engine running so rich causing a sooty build up,

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    thanks for both the tips...i have just recently noticed black soot on the engine shroud, battery , ect so sucking carbonized air seems likely, i think i might try salting one of my bigger places tonite with the hood off the salter and see if an "open" environment helps

    ps i should add that after running the engine until the muffler would glow the engine oil wasn't extremely hot but does have that sort of carbon smell
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    Even if it runs better with the cover open, you should still service it like Daff said. At LEAST clean or replace the air filter and change oil......
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    i didn't get to salt last night but did change the oil, it had fuel in it and was at a higher level than normal, i'm thinking maybe the needle is stuck open and allows fuel to fill bowl then drain into case
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    My leaf blower was doing the same thing this Fall. Yep, carb issues.