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My Logo !


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Clapper&Company;520986 said:
Every thing is Air Brush but the Clapper&Co. is 24Kt Gold Leaf
Some guys wear it around their neck. But Clapper's got enough money to have it put on his truck. xysport
Looks good though man. If you dont mind me asking the cost?
I told Ron that he needs some nice chrome rims like I have on my truck, but he likes the rugged look, lol. Dont have to worry about polishing them that way, lol. Tho logo looks good, but looks much better in person. Maybe if he would use that fluid film he is always talking about on those wheels, they wouldnt rust:rolleyes:


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I need to get some of the dump, and post them! Hoping to get the logo on the dump this spring :D Also planning on adding a another truck in the spring too so were get pics ASAP.

What you guys think of lettering up the skid loader?


Ne, Pa.
Looks good. Is this the flatbed that you said you'd post pics of, but never got around to it? I'd plug up those holes were the factory mirrors used to be though.....


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Sydenstricker Landscaping;521353 said:
I think lettering the skid is a good idea. A few of my friends put their logo on the arms of the skid. The more advertising, the merrier, right?? I thought about putting some lettering on the back of the bagger on my Z.
x2 same here