My first 810

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by larryhd, Feb 23, 2008.

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    I am getting my first 810 put on Tue. 2-26-08 on my 05 2500HD. I am curious if there is anything about the plow that I need to know or if anything needs to be done to my truck. Any suggestions are appriciated.
    I have always had straight blades and this is my first time with a veristile plow.
    Thanks Larry
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    Congrats about the plow!! I just purchased their 8611 for my 1992 Int. This will be the first plow I have ever owned or ran, so I hope everything goes alright. I bought it new for 5000.00 installed w/ 1 year warranty. My dealer just had the moldboard and all the other parts are going to be new.
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    Larry, congratulations on your purchase. Standard procedure for your truck would be to crank the torsion bars 4-5 turns, and add Timbrens, and carry some ballast in the rear of t he bed, my choice is usually a pallet of salt.

    As for the plow, is should run well right out of the box, however there are a number of things that can be done to improve performance, longevity, and/or serviceability. Lots of these have been discussed in the blizzard forums. In short though, keep your pins lubed (wings and slide box cylinder pins), change fluid with complete flush each year, and give things a look over every now and again to check for problems. One more thing on your truckside mount-If they retain the stock tow hooks, you should use grade 10 metric bolts instead of the 8.8 that come in the hardware pack last I knew.
  4. OP

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    I have put the timbrens on and turned up the torsion bars how much
    ballast weight will i need?
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    Sounds like the front of your truck is ready to go!!! I usually carry 1800lbs. at the begining of my route down to around a couple hundred at the end. If your not laying salt as you go I would say 4 to 5 hundred pounds would be just fine(just my opinon). The most important thing you need to do with a blizzard is remember how long it took to do your route with the straight blade. Now you need to laugh at how much time you just saved !!! Once your all done go home and:sleeping: Good luck with your blizzard!!!, shaun
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    welcome to the blizzard family. After your first 8 hrs of plowing, get out or when you get home, check all the bolts on the mount. Tighten is needed. Also make sure your pump is still tight to the frame, they tend to work loose. As for general upkeep, Grease the crap out of the plug! and all the others posted above. That blade will out last your truck. Mine have.

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    I am running with 980 lbs of tube sand at the end of my rack body. Coincidentally, its the same weight of the plow but its just a combination of 70 and 60 lb bags of tube sand. I added another 400 lbs of weight just ahead of that but I didn't notice any difference as I slowly used up the snow melt bags. I have been running with the same 980 lbs and it is much better than empty. I did raise the torsion bars 2.5" but have not installed Timbrens. The truck is only 4 months old so I'll see how the suspension holds up over the next year or two.
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    I have the same exact truck and plow setup as you... The first thing I would do is buy a set of Timbrens for the front end. Cranking your torsion bars is over-rated, especially for the intended purpose. They will sag sooner if you use the T-bars to hold the plow weight instead of the Timbrens and front axle. As for ballast, I carry a pallet of salt (2400lb), but I also salt after I'm done plowing. If you just want the weight, 1200 pounds behind the rear axle will keep the 60/40 weight distribution with the plow on too. Optional, a set of timbrens for the rear end will keep the truck sitting high and handling well.
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    my plow

    I got to use my new 810 the plow it is a plowing animal i love it.
    I will buy one for my new truck when i get it.
    thanks for all the info