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my 77 k-10 pickup, 400 engine, any interest ? 850? trade for a 2wd ?

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by fast68, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. fast68

    fast68 Junior Member
    Messages: 17

    ok i just noticed that i posted this on the wrong board, could a mod move it ? that would be great thanks :D

    http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v298/fast68/randys vehicles/77 k-10/

    hi there everyone well i bought my 77 k-10 cheyenne pickup a year ago locally from a lady who put it in the newspaper classifieds and it has been a great truck always reliable and strong running -and it still is except the th350 trans developed a slipping effect in third gear even though the fluid is in nice and new-like condition bright red and smells like new too- it had a drip coming from one of the two coolling line fittings in the case so i went to tighten it up a little about a month ago to maybe get rid of the drip and it hairline cracked the housing -so it now sits parked -and i dont think im going to opt to spend the 40 or 50 bucks to have it fixed by the local small time welder guy here in town,

    the engine is the original TLS stamped and 509 casting 400 sb and the vin code for the engine digit is R in which is:
    LF4 77 80 ENGINE, 400 C.I.D. V8 (400R)

    its always been a strong running and reliable truck and engine and never ever used any oil whatsoever and never any smoke at all one bit not even at startup like you commonly see with the old engines,

    i did buy a brand new Q jet carb from o reilly auto parts and put it on since the edelbrock the PO put on it was having a coupe of issues, but i have since removed it and put it in my 82 trans am, so the truck now sits without a carb

    -the steering nd suspension and entire chassis is completely and totally factory stock original, and does not pull or shimmy or shake at all ever, and im not exaggerating at all one bit you can let go of the steering wheel going down the street and it will literally go several blocks without hving to touch the steering wheel at all, i think thats really good /uncommon for an old 4x4, imho, she never wrecked it or took it offroad or anything like that, so the frame is not cracked and its in good straight shape

    -it has the stock 5 leaves in the rear and 4 in the front,
    -single shocks and the larger wider brakes,
    -the NP203 case works excellent the 4x4 works awesome, -
    all ranges shift nicely,
    -the original full time slugs are now part time hubs,
    -i replaced all the u joints that were bad- were only two that needed replaced- one in the front and one in the rear- the drivelines are both tight and nice
    -the axles are 12 bolt and dana 44 3.07 ratio

    the 4 core HD cooling option that came with the 400 engine package is still intact and nice

    -the front inner wheel tubs removed- the front fenders i trimmed the bottoms of because it had 33" tires on it when i got it and they were rubbing in turns and dips- now it has stock 15x8 steel rallies and 31x10.50 on it half life tread nice shape

    -the passenger side floor pan needs work since it has some rust through spots
    -both of the cab side kick panels are hacked out for 6x9 speakers that the PO did-
    -the passenger side rocker has normal rust out- and the driver side is all solid though,
    -there is no carpeting in cab at all or floor insulation either-
    -the seats are some light gray comfy ones from a grand caravan-i like them alot they ride real nice-

    -the speedo does not work because the cluster is a later years one that a po swapped in and so it has the wrong style for the speedo cable it has,
    -the fuel guage works good,
    -the passenger fuel tank i removed because the switch valve assembly was dead,
    -the driver side tank is connected directly to the fuel pump alone now,

    -the p/s gear box leaks some- you have to top it off once a week or so depending on how much you run it- it needs a 35 dollar seal kit from local auto parts store in which i never did yet

    -the bed floor is solid no rustand is stilll the original copper color paint,
    -the wheel arches on the bed are a little rusty but no where near as much as typically seen in the rust belt here

    the front cab mount support braces are rusted through yes but not weak or spongy, need replaced

    windshield has two vertical cracks in it driver side, but i have a replacement windshield to go with it that i never put on it yet
    missing three trim pieces on the exterior, that happens alot though, the driver sid eloer door one, the driver side upper bedside long one, and i thnk another one too, maybe not though

    i have a tailgate to go with but it is a black one but its straight and clean no rust and works great

    sure it has some typical issues that these old truck have and has the weak third gear problem - but its really a good original and straight rolling work truck, and the 400 engine is really strong and nice, but its gotta be worth something still

    it would be a great work/plow truck for someone who likes a stout old solid axle work truck that would be totally 100% reliable if it wasnt for the 3rd gear in the trans being weak
    i would trade it for an old beater 2 wheel drive work truck since i dont have a use for a 4x4 i have no plow or anything like that and never have

    i am in central IL on I-55 exit 123 between peoria and springfield and near bloomington, everything is 30-40 miles away from here, I-55 and I-155

    lets talk ?

    Last edited: Feb 10, 2007