mx7000 or edge lightbar?

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hey yall,
i want to decide what is better? a mx7000 code 3 lightbar? or a whelen edge bar? we are mounting it on a ford f-350 dump truck.


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Well it all depends i think that the code 3 is halogen rotators and if it is compared to strobes the stobes are better as far as electrical consumption.I think that the code 3 is a good looking bar but if i was to outfit a dump i would put stobes on one each conner of the cab protecter and 2 recesed into the rear body. and if you really need rotators weld or bolt on an extention in the middle of the cab protecter and put a small code 3 there.Then if you want to go more i would put hidaways in the front trun signals and another set in the rear.


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I like to keep my plow trucks low keyed, I'd use a mini edge or use Cat's suggestion. Provide enough lighting to make yourself visible, but not so much to make a spectacle of yourself.

I do think the MX-7000 bar is one of the better lightbars for emergency services, the intersection lights on the lower level really attract a lot of attention when trying to clear traffic.


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The Code 3 MX7xxx series bar is available as all strobe, all halogen, or a combination. LED's are also available. The bar is available in a variety of lengths. The bars are basically custom built to order, so a variety of options can be added to suit a specific need, whether you choose halogen or strobe for the main modules.

In the halogen version, each 50w rotator in the bar will draw about 3.7 amps (4 rotators = 14.8 amp total), not including other options. The strobe version (four heads) will draw 7.5 amps total, not including other options.


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