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    My dad's company was contracted to do some repair work on a storm water management facility for a local water/sewer authority. They are a seperate entity of the town, and have no connection to the road dept.<p>While there, my dad was browsing their shop/equipment. They have a newwer one ton dump, and also a newer half ton pickup. They have a plow and salter on the pickup. <p>My dad asked why they didn't put the plow on the dump truck, as the pickup is light duty and the dump is obviously a heaiver truck. Well, they started out with the plow on the dump, but it sagged too much in the front end, the weight was too much for the springs.<p>Instead of beefing up the front end of the truck, they decided to make the plow lighter. With the blade straight ahead, they looked, and decided that they could cut 6&quot; off each end and the plow would still be wide enough. After cutting, welding, and modifying the plow, they successfully removed a chunk of weight.<p>All the guys were proud of themselves for the ingenous idea, until the first snowfall. When they did their measuring, the blade was straight ahead. When they went to plow, and power angeled the blade, IT WAS NOT WIDE ENOUG FOR THE DUAL REAR WHEELS!!!<p>Thus they had to remove the assembly from the dump, and put it on the pickup, with a narrower track. I laugh about this every time I angle my blade.
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    Why does the blade have to be wide enough<br>for the dual rear wheels? With dual rear<br>wheels it is a heavy truck and won't get<br>stuck in the snow anyway.<br>
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    try driving through snow with dual rears, you won't like it. Duals are not as good in the snow as singles anyway. All my rack and dump bodies with out a v-box, gets weight on the rear. Because with duals there is more tire space on the road, and more space to float. Also the force of weight is spread out more with duals, so they don't hold the road as much<p>Geoff<br>
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    Also the dual wheels will track muck wider than SRW and be in the plowed snow more often. Thus they will throw the snow back onto the already plowed surface. So you want a plow that will when angled still move the snow out of the wheels tracks.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment