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Ok I have got some plowing under my belt and have few varied questions:

1) My work consists of three open lots and two apartment complexes. The apartment complexes are ALOT more time consuming obviously. People here are not looking for black pavement, matter of fact my trigger is 3" for them. I have two straight blade plows. The roads through the complex adjoin the city streets, sometimes with an island seperating them, most do not. I have to move the snow from behind the cars to storage areas. Would I benefit from turkey wings? I don't want more width as both my plows are 8.5' and it tight enough back dragging between cars (I have in my contracts need atleast 2 spaces)

2) The lots that border the city streets have a drainage "ditch". Really a concrete depresion 18" wide sloped in about 2-3" (some more). What is the best way to clean those out without stripping back the asphalt (I already did a little) They are NOT straight, the curve with the road.

3) My one doctors office has a 1" trigger, what do you consider an inch? I have been doing the lot any time there is complete coverage, I feel like an idiot getting out the ruler. It is one of my per push accounts.

4) I have been plowing the travel lanes of the apartment complex between 4-6am and then I completely clear the doctors office by 7am. Then I move on to my office building and 2 residentials. After 8am I do the cleanup/backdragging at the apartment complexes. I onlly have been charging the apartment complexes for one push as I just split the job into two sections. My accounts are only 1mile (ALL OF THEM) apart. Does this make sense?

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1) I'd say yes if you're moving snow to a particular spot. The wings would basically turn your plow into a pusher.

2) and 3) How about using treated salt? Especially on that doctor's office with the 1" trigger. That would do a whole lot better job than plowing 1". Obviously, you're going to have spots with 1" and other spots with less to nothing.

4) Makes sense to me. That's what I would do so I'd have as few cars as possible to deal with but at the same time provide a way out of the lot. Some might disagree as it's really two trips, but that's the advantage of plowing for yourself - you can figure what works for you. As long as you're making money and are satisfied, it doesn't matter what somebody else thinks.

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