Will the installation of mudflaps cause any problems for snow plowing? I have a white truck (2000 Ford F250 SD) and it is forever getting mud splattered up the side.

Just wondering if they will be a hassle with stuff getting built up on them in the winter, or if it will be no big deal...


SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Depending on how stiff they are, they may eventually get ripped off by the snow. If you get the flexible ones, they should be alright. They definately do help though...


TLS Addict
Get a quality set of running boards, they'll keep all the slop off the cab anyway. I have lost quite a few mudflaps in the snow. Retraced my steps after the snow was melted and recovered them.

Ray Veteran
Springvale Me
I have a 99 F350 SD and have had diamond plate running boards on the front and diamond plate mud flaps on the back since new. I have never had any trouble with them. Some ice and stuff tends to build up on the bottom of the running boards. Over all I like the way they work and make the truck look.

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