Moving stones

paul Veteran
Chicago, Il
Ok all you Heavy equipment guys, Bidding a job now that requires me to move 400 tons of boulders, not the little ones that most landscapers use these are big 5' X 5' X 5' so looking at 6 to 9 tons. hard part it's along a river and I don't want them to roll down in to it:)
What size machine do I need? Thinking Excavator here now! dozer could push them but they have to be planted so they can't move.
A friend of mine did this type work, used a large excavator with a thumb on it to handle the rip-rap. You will need to know the weight of the rocks, and the reach you need to determine the size excavator to properly do the job. Good luck!!


Rex Mann

Junior Member

Sounds like a job for a 320 Cat excavator. It has plenty of reach for a job like yours. A thumb would be a must.

How deep's the water?

One company here handles almost all work of that type along our main (only) river. And they do a lot of the work by boat. Have a big crane/boom on the boat to put things in place. Maybe you could rent the services of a barge with a crane.