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Ok up here in maine in about the last two weeks we have had about 14 to 18 inches of snow. So after the last storm we had the two big loaders out at some lots pushing the snow back. The loaders can stack snow a lot higher than a truck. Anyways we had completed one of the lots and was driving by one of our smaller ones. I had the loader just push the pile up a little higher and back a little further. Anyways i was sitting in my truck ready to clean up any mess left over, then the manager came out. He asked if he was going to be charged for this, anyways i figure in the bids have to do this once and a while. <p>Anyways i told him i wasn't going to charge him. Do you guys charge extra to move the snow around, if you have it figured into the bids? I will bill out if i have to haul the snow away, thats billed by the hour, or if we have a blizzard and there is 18&quot;+ and every lot needs a loader. Only all little push backs, i figure into the bid. Moving the snow back, allows for easier plowing and less wear and tear on the truck.<p>So what do you guys do?<p>Also do you move the snow to make room for the next storm? Or do you wait one more storm and move it after that?<p>Geoff<br>


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Geoff,<p>We always used to charge hourly for a loader to move piles as we deemed required. This additional fee is spelled out in our basic contract.<p>The priority and frequency would depend on how badly the client needed parking spaces and on our ability to schedule a loader. (before we had our own)<p>Now we have 2 of our own loaders so scheduling is no problem. What is ticklish now is that we plow, push back and stack all with the same visit. When we're really pushing it back, we will tack on a little for loader service. Determining a fair loader time requires some creativity, but we're fair and the snow is always out of the way.

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So you don't have anything in your price per year for loader service. I always include a few hours in my bid. No the client doesn't know it, sometimes you think you need to move snow, and they don't. This is because you would then have to move snow all they way to the other side of the lot. That might take 3 or more times as long. So if i bring in a loader when needed to fix a few problems, they have allready paid for it and don't know it. Only if the whole lot is in bad shape, they get billed by the hour.<p>Geoff

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