Moving plow from truck to truck...would you do it?

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    Hi. I've got a GMT400 1999 K2500 that has had a Western Poly plow on it since new, but the frame's gone. Now also have a 2001 Sierra 2500HD-GMT800-that's an 8.1/Allison combo. Will the frame mount match the newer truck? What about the rest of the wire harness? I'm planning to restore this truck with a replacement frame when one becomes available.

    3 options...

    1 Plow swap

    2 Try and buy an operable plow truck for minimal $ ( in Michigan )

    3 Scrounge $13-15K and get a new V-Plow + new Ebling swing wing.

    Which would you do? Is moving 20 y/o plows opening a nasty can of worms? Western dealer said $2K to do this.

    I found a few old crusty Dodge/Cummins rigs...thoughts? Thank You in advance!
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    Not really if the plow is otherwise working ok cuz you aren't "moving" the plow really, though transferring 20 year old wiring there is a good chance of something getting broken in the process. If you are going to do it, buying new wiring might be a better choice.

    Sounds about right
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    Probably a better choice than:

    Don't think I would drop $15k on plow equipment to be installed on a 19 year old truck.
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    May be able to find some used mounts to lower cost. That dealer figure probably includes changing wiring to new isolation module which isn’t necessary
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    See if you can search for down south trucks if your gunna go the new truck route
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    1999 is most likely a unimount...

    you are right in the years were stuff don't just swap. May need conversion kit if it is a unimount.

    I don't remember for sure what year the relay systems stopped working for Chevys (might have been the body change or a couple years in maybe?) if that is the case, you will have to convert the plow to modern wiring or install some toggle switches.

    They stopped producing new relay harnesses like 5 years ago now, so you would have to find one.
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    Hmmm... that must be correct as if anyone would know it would be you. I don't feel like that is correct for some reason, but I don't know why. There was something weird with those 2001 and 2002 trucks... just can't remember what it was right now...
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    99 - 01 is the period where the old body style and new body style were both manufactured. 02 was new body only. Perhaps you are thinking of that?

    I know they changed something in 03 again for the frame, not sure on the electrical but based on that guide, I assume something is different.

    And you are correct, the relay adapter is no longer available new. But his old one should still work as they should both be HB3/HB4., Or he could just hardwire it.
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    Positive common... that is what I was thinking of.

    Only if he has the "silverado" package with the nice grill and quad head lights. If it is a work truck, they were a sealed halogen.
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