ok...I have a 7.5 ft. ploy western just sitting came off an old suburban..? is do I need a new mounting carton or will the one off the burban fit a 95 tahoe...just for a back up...even if it won't fit i guess the few hundred a new carton might cost would be good insurance

John DiMartino Veteran
I know my mounting forks off my 94 Z71 pickup fit perfect onmy 89 GMC 2500,and on my 92 GMC Z71.I bet they are the same,and as long as both have the same headlight system,and the 95 has no DRL's,everything will swap perfectly.

Kent Lawns Veteran
88-98 GM's are all the same.
73-87 GM's are all the same.
73-93 Dodge's all the same (slight change in '91- doesn't affect most plow mounts)
94-01 Dodge's all the same.

Fords? different every year.

GeoffD Veteran

70-79 all the same
80-86 all the same
87-91 all the same
92- 96 1/2 old style F 150
92-98 1/2 old style F 250 HD and F 350 and F Super Duty.

However the F 350 and Super Duty used different brackets than the F 150 and F 250. 92-96 model F 150s may have used different brackets than the F 250s.

97-99 150 and and F 250 LD use the same bracket
99- present F 250 and F 350 SD use the same bracket.
F 450 and F 550 SD use the same bracket
2000 - Present F 150 uses one bracker
2000 - Present F 150 HD uses one bracket.



2000 Club Member
What year sub is it off of. Anything 91 and back no it wont fit. FYI the tahoes are not recommneded for plowing.


Dino's right I have a western selection list and if it's coming off an older 1981-1991 suburban it wont work. If it's coming off a 1992-?? it will depending on your lights.


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