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Mounting forks angled down

Discussion in 'Snowbear Plows' started by timkam, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. timkam

    timkam Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    Hi all... I'm hoping someone can help me out with my new snowbear I purchased at Lowe's about a month ago for my '95 Isuzu Trooper... I recieved mount kit 66106 (made for my vehicle) and found that I was 2 nuts and bolts short (only 4 when I should have had 6 in the box)- these are the sane nuts /bolts that mount the crossmember to the vehicle mount. I called snowbear and they said I could just buy some bolts at the hardware store (ok, an inconvieniece, but no prob)... The issue I have though is- even if I had the 2 bolts (again, the same as the bolts used on the crossmember) they were far too small... The hole I go through on my vehicle is too large and the head of the bolt or nut would have just slid through it- the hole in the mount kit would have been to large as well (wouldn't have been enough metal for sufficient backing for the head of the bolt/nut).... I was able to use the nuts/bolts to attach the rear of the mount to the vehicle (but needed to turn the bolt the opposite direction as the picture shows due to a body hardware mounting bolt being in the way to place per the picture... I ran tie past snowbear and they were ok with it). So back to my other bolt issue... I bought a larger bolt that would work and installed (BTW- what a pain on this vehicle- no room to work). Anyway, here is my issue now: after plowing my drive 1 time (long asphalt driveway, but only 3" of snow) the mounting forks (on the crossmember) ATF angled down too much- more than should be.. This is affecting how high I can raise the plow and affects the ability to manually angle it... I read in the manual that the forks may point down a bit after initial use and that steel shims can be installed to bring the forks up... I called snow bear customer service (BTW- what a joke- I was ready to reach through the phone)...I just called them to asked where the shims get placed to move the forks up- they proceeded to tell me that I need to take pictures, said I was using the wrong bolts than what it was designed for- I expained what I wrote above... The bolts / nuts (for the front of the mount) are too small & the holes are too large!!! So they want me to unassemble the mounts and take pictures- What?!?! Haven't I explained what a pain it was on this vehicle?!?!? I did read on their website that you can place a Jack under the "mounting tubes" (my guess would be that these are the mounting forks I've been referring to) and Jack them up to raise them- is that right? Seems different than what the manual says about using shims (which the rep at snowbear tells me aren't used on my mount)... I certainly don't want to do all this extra work to take pictures because snowbear designed this wrong!

    so what do you think? Any ideas? Anyone else have issues getting one on a Trooper?
  2. tmarc

    tmarc Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    Hi Welcome,

    I don't know about your install on your truck but the mount kit with mine came with 4 8" bolts to mount to the frame. The other 4 bolts for the cross member came with your kit.
    As for Snow Bear I had nothing but problems with there customer service. I filed a complaint with them for peeling paint on the moldboard and I had to take pictures and was told it was my fault.

    After spending $1400 for this plow at lowes and I was wondering if this was even going to hold up 1 season and SnowBear wasn't going to stand behing their product. I called Lowes and explained this to them. They told me that I had 30 days to return the product to their store for a refund. The night that I talked to the manager from lowes was my 30th day and I took the plow to there store for a refund.

    Goodluck with your plow.
  3. timkam

    timkam Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    Thanks... I did talk to Lowes as well and they said they all take it back within 30 days (I have a few days left on that one).... Funny that you have that many bolts for yours, yet mine only calls for 2 per side... I guess I was looking for some direction from Snowbear, not accused of doing something wrong (same with you)... I am very mechnically inclined and I don't want to have to take something apart to prove my point- if it wasn't on the customer service reps flow chart, it must mean the customer is did something wrong.

    Who knows, maybe they changed to cheaper parts or something- plow itself seemed ok, but the rest of it...
  4. zabisis

    zabisis Junior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 5

    My mounts are the same way pointing down slightly.
    The bolts all fit great and I can't see how anything could shift there is no space in the holes for that to happen. Like yourself I can't seem to lift the plow high enough, thought maybe it was a winch problem.
    I don't have a manual and can't see on the site where to down load it what is the jacking supposed to do, bend the mounts??
  5. timkam

    timkam Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    The only thing I can think of with the jack (per troubleshooting part of their web site) is bending it up... All you are doing there is stretching and softening the metal... It's bound to angle down again and eventually break...

    Anyway all my bolts were a tight fit as well, I ended up pulling it all off and taking it back to Lowes (excellent return policy BTW). When I pulled it off it looked like the mounting bracket itself was bending from the weight of the plow... The plow seemed fine- the mount apeared to be the problem
  6. zabisis

    zabisis Junior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 5

    trouble shooting section

    the mounting brackets they sent me there is no way the could deform unless I had a Mac truck on the front:laughing: . They are hand made pieces of 1/4 steel. However where they mount to my trunk might have bent. I don't want to even think of that.

    My plow is third hand. It only has 3 postions of angle not 5. The blade is all steel. The one crazy issue was the previous owner mounted a 75 lb scrape edge on it so he could back drag. When I took it off today the blade lifted about half an inch. Only about 4 and half to go.

    I sitll don't understand why the winch frame is so close to the plow frame. In my mind it should be straight up and down
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2010
  7. sswt

    sswt Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    this happened with my winter wolf.....rather then talk to customer service (i agree, a total joke) when i went to town i stopped at the truck accessories shop that sells them locally and talked to the guys there about the problem.....i guess its a pretty common problem, especially if you leave the plow on for extended periods of time (which i do)

    he said you can take the two bolts on the cross member loose and tilt it up, but itll just keep doing the same thing, so he recommended welding it once its where it needs to be

    i pulled the truck in the shop, put a jack under the pins and took the bolts loose, jacked it up to where it should be, used the impact to tighten up the bolts as tight at i could and put a bead on the inside edge of where the mounts and cross member meet.....problem solved
  8. timkam

    timkam Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    yeah I can see that being the problem... It seemed on mine that everything was ok except where the crossmember meets the vehicle mounts... After I took it all back to Lowes I had the same idea about welding it so it wouldn't move again (I don't have any equipment to do that.)... May be if they designed it more like a rear trailer hitch, this wouldn't happen- the metal is plenty thick.
  9. zabisis

    zabisis Junior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 5

    My bolts had come loose and the bracket tilted down so I tightened it all into the right position then
    took my truck to my local garage and they welded the brackets for $20. The guy even painted it up all nice.
    Of course we have not had snow since so I can't say for sure that it will stay but when I lifted the plow the top edge came up above the hood of my truck so all is good.
    Season over.