Mounting a different plow on the same truck?


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Just because it is fun to talk about equipment, not because I need/can afford it!:D

Looking at the Ford Factory guidlines for attaching a plow to a superduty, they are pretty specific about where the frame attachments should go.

If I was to ever get enough energy/time would there be a problem switching manufacturers? Right now I have a meyer 8.5 straight blade. What if I wanted to go with a Fisher V or a Blizzard?

My fears are that with my luck the mounts would be ever so slightly different and the frame holes would be overlapping. I couldn't use the holes that the Meyer used.

Anyone have any experience?

Jon Geer

Caledonia, MI

The Blizzard on 1999-current utilizes 3 bolts in the factory holes in the frame. NO DRILLING. I don't think you will over lap and cause more stress points to the frame.

But, don't quote me on that.

Hope I helped.;)


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On my Super Dutys, the two different plow subframes (Blizzard and Viking) utilize the same mounting points on the trucks. It seems the plow manufacturers follow the truck manufacturers guidelines.

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