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I am swapping a 350 inplace of a 250 in my 1981 1/2 ton chevy 4 wheel drive .I cant seem to get the motor mounts to line up .The motor is out of a 1973 monte carlo .the passenger side lines up perfect .But the drivers side is off by about 2 inches ,have tried the pry bar and alot of sweat .I looked at a couple of 4 whell drives today and i noticed a spacer plate between the solid mount on the engine and the block .Is this all that i will need or is there something else i need to rplace .I have asked a few people if the engine plates are different ,the piece that is attached to the frame .Or do the truck motors have different solid mounts than car engines ?.Hope to get her back on the road soon ,any input would be greatly appreciated .thanks

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