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motor noise

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by go plow, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. go plow

    go plow Senior Member
    Messages: 322

    i got my plow back from having it serviced, they replaced the gears in the pump, dealer said that they showed signs of wear, changed all filters etc.
    what happened was i replaced the rams and a piece of metal from when the pipe threads were cut entered my pump, so they needed to take it apart and clean/ inspect it all, now, the plow runs faster, but i noticed that it has a whine to it, im not sure if it sounds like the motor or like gears meshing together ? never heard it before, i told the dealer as soon as i hooked it up at his shop about the noise,because he told me to work it a few times to get rid of air in the system, he told me that its normal, and it didnt make that noise because of the gears in the pump were worn..to me it sounds kinda like the motor is under a strain.
    any thoughts? thanks...
  2. go plow

    go plow Senior Member
    Messages: 322

    im sorry i forgot to tell you that i have the insta act pump on a 9' mm .thanks
  3. Antnee77

    Antnee77 PlowSite.com Addict
    from RI
    Messages: 1,056

    Sounds like it could be the bearing sleeve. It's a very inexpensive part, but is a PITA to replace and requires a tool that Fisher makes. Would you be doing it yourself?
  4. go plow

    go plow Senior Member
    Messages: 322

    thanks for your reply, i just had it serviced, one would think that its all set to go! i just put over 1k into it ! Service,new rams,pump gears, and the new intensifire lights.
    In my case it seems that every time i let someone work on my stuff, its not right when i get it back!