More snow in the here.......


O.K.....since the "professional" weathermen/women fudged the "Storm of the century" lets all guess what Thursday nights weather will hold for us in the northeast...I've read 1-3 inches...I wonder...what do you think????

P.S. I know it's hard to determine what mother natures whims are, but how many jobs can you have where being wrong and costing millions of people and businesses millions of dollars is just let go???? I for one am thinking of becoming a meteorologist and hanging up the

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This is for my area (north of Toronto)....

OK, here goes: I'm going to "guess" around 6" or so this weekend. The forecast was pretty open ended, "snow showers" up until Mar 12, with "snow" for Friday. Figuring at least 1 "plowable event".

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Ok guys. the weather people just predicted the wrong locations for snow totals.

We got 18-24" up my way. On saturday we were only going to get 2".

Now they say another 6 to 8 for saturday.



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All I know is looking out the window right now it's snowing like crazy. about an inch an hour They say from 6-10 here by saturday morning.


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No "plowable event" this weekend....

Well, looks like I "guessed" wrong. Never needed to fire up the truck at all this weekend. Maybe there's a career for me in weather prediction......

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Midwest & upper midwest should get some later this week. Hopefully that will move toward the Northeast & cover a whole lot of area.

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