More questions about wings


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After reading several threads about wings I still have a couple questions. Almost all of my accounts are short driveways, but I do plow a couple roads that are a half mile long. If I have wings on, how does the snow roll off the blade to the side? Do I have to remove the right-side wing? Does it flip out to the side and then flip back with the aid of a spring?

When I back-blade from a garage door, (which I do at almost every job) am I going to have problems getting the blade close to the door?

Wings sound like a great idea especially for my plow which is only 7'6". Any input would be apreciated. :help:


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I'm not quite sure which wings you are referring to, turkey or pro-wings. I put a set of pro-wings on my plow last year and although I only had a few chances to use them, they will be staying on. All of my accounts are drives. One being about 1/4 mile long and one lane, about 1/2 mile long

With the blade angled to the side you want to throw to, there was no problem rolling the snow off to the side. I also have a 7.6 plow, but with the wings on (9.6), well lets just say it's a beautiful thing. The wings are angled in some, so yes this will keep you a few inches away from the garage door, but I think my plow back dragged alot better wth the extra weight

As I said before, last winter sucked so I didn't get but a few chances to put them to the test. They passed all round. They will be on the plow again this year. Good luck & welcome to the forum