More plow questions

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Well, here I am again. Requesting the advice from guys who know what they're talking about. I hope eventually I can help someone else out instead of asking for advice all the time. Anyway, you may have read my past posts, and I am looking for a plow. Found an old 7.5' Fisher blade that has been sitting for a while, but I think I can get it to work. I've got access to a 79 F150 fisher frame. I realize the difficulty of modification to my 96 F250, but since it is free, do you all think the mod is possible? Frame widths are different. 79 is 34" outside to outside, and mine is 38"-40" outside to outside. Also, could I find a power pack that I could mount on the outside of the frame, so it would be more like a minute mount? Hope this makes sense, as my terminology is quite likely not up to par. Any replies would be appreciated, even if they are "no you dumb ass."
Thanks, Nick

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Here's my opinion, from a metal fabricator's point of view: Modifying the mount to fit your frame is possible, and will involve building some new parts. Again, without seeing the truck & mount I can't be too specific, but I would figure roughly half a day to a day's work to do it.

Now, I'm not quite sure what you mean by mounting the power pack "on the outside of the frame". Do you mean having it stay with the plow & A-frame when you unhook the plow, or having it mounted on the front of the truck as opposed to under the hood?

If it means having the powerpack stay with the plow, I'd say it's too much work - basically you'd have to re-engineer the whole system. If you mean can your mount be adapted to take a powerpack as opposed to just a lift cylinder, I'd say it's feasible - just a bit more fabbing, that's all.

Before you go and spend a bunch of $$$ on metalwork, though, it might be worthwhile to look into buying the mount only to fit your truck. This is something that will require the services of a Fisher dealer. In the end, the cost might work out the same or even in your favour - basing the numbers on my area (Canada) 8 hours fab shop work @ $50/hr plus materials & taxes can add up to well over $600. I don't know the cost for the mount itself - hopefully someone out there knows!

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Yeah, it makes sense to find something that fits, instead of making something fit. that's what I figured, but was curious anyhow. I won't be able to do anything this winter anyhow, even though they are predicting 4-8 inches tonight. And it is heavy. Almost an inch already, but very slippery. good night