More customers this coming 2002-03 season?

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As most of us experienced mild winter last year, I came up with a thought of what we may be expecting this coming winter. I have noticed last spring that there are several snowplows and trucks up for sale. It is most likely probably because those people are not getting enough income because of mild winter. There are still some plows out here up for sale. I also looked up on eBay and saw that there are more plows up for sale than last year when I was searching for a plow for my truck. So my guess is that most of us probably would get an increase in number of customers in the next winter. What do you expect?


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I have noticed the same, more plow trucks for sale...and they're not going anywhere. My local dealer has a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 ext cab with 100 miles and a Western plow on it. The veh still has the factory sticker on it! That means buy a 2001 and when you take it in for service and the mgr says it is not in warranty you can tell him to check the 'in service date'. I would love to buy it but I can get a 2002 for pretty much the same price! I dont know if the 2001 has the 7/70 or not? Unless they lower the price waaay down I wont consider it.
I think this last snow season gave us less than 20inches total. I think the average is somewhere around 30 inches? I see less customers wanting to sign for a contract, and more leaning towards per push. So I just keep my number flowing....they will be looking for it when they cant get in the parking lot. Wheras they would never notice with a contract. That is the angle that I like to work....

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