More boss plow problems


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Hey all, havent updated in a while. Tried switching the 2 small wires on the solenoid, still a no go, now try switching the cables on the posts? I'm kind of at a loss now. Thanks guys.
If I remeber your last post,you were just getting the solenoid clicking,and no plow movement.

That would indicate the small wires are connected correctly and the solenoid is operating.The solenoid could still be bad and not passing current through it though.

Get a test lamp,and check for power at the battery connection,and then at the solenoid.You should have power on one side.When you activate the plow controls and the solenoid clicks,you should have power out the other side to the plow.If you don't,the solenoid is bad.If you do then check it again at the motor,If you still have power,then the motor could be pooched,or maybe a bad ground.If you have a bad ground,your test light will light if you touch the motor housing while trying to operate the plow.

Post your results

Another quick test for the solenoid,is to short a screwdriver across the two large terminals.If the motors runs,then the solenoid is bad.Stand clear of the plow when you do this as it may move.


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Not sure I understand your problem but I think you could try this. Jump the 2 big posts together with a screw driver and see if the pump runs. If it does check the two small wires with a test light and see which one has power. Next take a piece of jumper wire from the batt. and touch the small posts and see which runs the pump. Then take the small wire that has power with the switch and hook to that post. this should at least find the problem area.


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Becareful running a wire from the battery to the small termials on the soleniod . On some styles of solenoids one of the small posts is a ground , if you touch a wire from the battery to that one you will have a dead short and lot of sparks and some hot wire in a matter of second or 2. I agree , tkae your test light and work your way out to the motor. If your test light shows you have power at the motor termial , try tapping the motor lightly with a rubber mallet or small hammer . You may have a bad spot on the rotor. Every time the motor stops on that spot it will not restart , most of the time you can nudge it to a good spot by tapping on it . This is a sign that the motor is heading south , pretty soon that bad spot will get big enuff that you wont be able to jar it to a good spot . Hope this helps.


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How much for a new solenoid? If it's in the budget, get one and see if that is the problem. You can cause your self a lot of problems if the plow jumps when your screwdriver is jumping power... Just a thought, I would try the test light first, to see if power is coming out the other end, if so, move to the wires/motor, if not, replace it. No since in putting your self in harms way. Just a thought....

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