Moog Cargo Coils what ya think. Also, stuff FYI


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Getting some great advice from all you guys thanks Some suggested Rancho RS900 got all four at

Sam`s Offroad Equipment

for $262.00 hope that was a fair price. Also, found Monroe Muscle LSE at

these were $71.00 per set. If someone knows of a website for Moog I would like to check that out.


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Ft. Wayne IN
Moog Cargo Coils

Funny you should mention those Cargo Coils,that's what I'm running on front of my Dodge 1 ton! Those things are worth TWICE what they charge for them! Can't say enough good things about them and the RS-9000 inside of them. My Timbrens are there just for insurance. This has got to be one of the best set ups for just a plain 'ole pick-up that a guy can purchase. Call Fort Wayne Spring (long distance) at 219-424-6263 and they can help you hunt down a set in your area. Seriously, Cargo Coils is all these guys sell. $235.00 installed, takes about four hours.