Momma, Buffalo & snow

Got Grass?

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Western New York
Welps, Yeah we got 7ft of snow in 5 days. Most of it is gone now. Except for thoes dirty piles.
Now it's spring? It's 3am and 45 out. Whats up with that?
After the 7ft, I plowed a total of 2 drives. I'm really hoping for another big one (or 2). Gotta go out 8 more times for a 25% increse in my contracts.

Why cant we have another "normal" winter for the entire USA?

I cant even imagine how some of you who havent even had the chance to test out your plows this year feel.

I'm going crazy, nothing to do, no "good" money coming in. No need to put the radar images up on the screen. No need to stay up all night and sleep all day.

Only thing I have to say to our mother (nature) is to STOP MESSING WITH US!!!! We learned our lesson that life is never fair. Stop abusing us and treat us right. We have been good children and it's time to start rewarding us.


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hi men im from buffalo,n.y. and im glad we haven't had snow in a while.we needed the break after that last storm.buffalo is funny one week you could be under 7 feet of snow the next week is almost gone.hey snowplowing is just like auto insurance you never know. take care.


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west seneca,ny
Yeah Buffalo is a strange place to live,snow is here then its gone two days later,there closing fire houses left and right,cops are getting laid off,potholes you could lose your truck in.7ft of snow well at least we know that lake erie hardly ever lets us down for snow,so thats good news for plow guys but the rest of these guys on plowsite arent seeing much.Thats how it looked for us until we had our heads handed to us.Be carfull what you wish for you just might get it and then some.Still have to go out for coffee grass.


GreenBay, WI
Wisconsin isn't much different.

This is unbelievable. I've lived here all my 30+ yrs. and could not have imagined a winter like this. Green Bay is not always in the big snow belt, but you can always count on one big month at least. We hit 53 degrees 2 weeks ago. Normally when that happens you better brace yourself because it will hit 30 below within 48 hours. Not this time. It has been upper 20s to 40 for 2 weeks and now they say 50's for Sunday. There maybe some sign of true Canadian air coming by next weekend, but after the last 2 months I can't bring myself to believe it. (Could all you northern neighbors step outside and blow to the south east?)

It really makes you wonder what kind of year it will be. Our lakes were down 1-3' the last couple years. It could get real ugly now.
We just keep reminding ourselves of the unofficial state motto:"If you don't like our weather, just wait 10 minutes and it will change." Maybe we will get our snow in July this year.

I even temped fate and took my plow truck apart. Gaskets and parts everywhere! If that doesn't work I don't know what will.
Hang in there guys. The law of averages will pay us back big-time.