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Modified '79 Dodge W150 Powerwagon w/plow for sale

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by Kentuckydiesel, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Kentuckydiesel

    Kentuckydiesel Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    It's a stepside, shortbed. A couple years ago I put a '93 cab on which has no rust issues. It also has the '93 interior and while I don't have a AC pump on, the cab is AC ready. It has about a 6" lift (Using 6" skyjacker springs in the back, dropped hangers and modified springs in the front). It has 35"MTRs with very good tread. The engine has maybe 20 thousand miles on it with 9:1 comp ratio pistons, rv cam, bored 40 over, crank was turned 10 under, high volume oil pump, swirl port heads, Edelbrock performer manifold and carb, full length headers, cast aluminum valve covers, k&n air filter, an MSD offroad ignition with msd coil, and a true dual exhaust. There is an electric fan with thermostat on the radiator. The truck has a dual friction clutch, the NP435 transmission has just been rebuilt, and the NP203 t-case has no slop. I also just rebuilt the steering box.
    I put a brand new front driveshaft on about 10,000miles ago, and it has been lengthened to accomidate the lift. The plow is a 7.5' Meyer setup off a 70's dodge. I have modified the bypass setup to remedy the weakness found in these setups. the lift cylinder was just rebuilt, and I also modified the plow frame to allow for better ground clearance, while making it even stronger than original. The pump is belt driven. This is a reliable setup.
    I have a 50 gallon tank inside the bed, sitting on the framerails. There is also a plastic Delta truck box mounted in the bed.

    The bad is, the truck needs front wheel bearings, the bed floor is plywood, and the bed had rust issues years ago, so a lot of it was removed. The bed is really just a shell now, it can be removed in 10 minutes or so. The exhaust has 2.5" flowmasters, but it's really just a temporary setup with store bought bends, clamps and such. You'll probably want to have the exhaust done right at an exhaust shop.

    Please e-mail me or call me with any questions or if you want pictures. I am located outside louisville, Ky
    My Email is diesel@insightbb.com
    phone # is (502) 269-0018

    I have many thousands of dollars in this truck, but I will take $2500. I need to sell it.
    thanks, Phillip
  2. CamLand

    CamLand Senior Member
    Messages: 301

    Pictures if possible...
  3. PLOWMAN45

    PLOWMAN45 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,951

    Hey camland are you intrested in those front chevy mudflaps ?
  4. Kentuckydiesel

    Kentuckydiesel Senior Member
    Messages: 151

  5. Kentuckydiesel

    Kentuckydiesel Senior Member
    Messages: 151