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Mmii ?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by sno-mover, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. sno-mover

    sno-mover Senior Member
    Messages: 274

    I am trying to decide which plow to buy for my new super duty, and I am looking at western or fisher, and was wondering if anyone with a MMII could tell me how they liked the spring loaded lift ram? Is it anoying, or hardly noticeable. I think im going with 8 1/2' because the truck is 80" wide and at full angle 8' is only 83", that only leaves 1.5" on each side.:waving: :help:
  2. szorno

    szorno Senior Member
    Messages: 308

    Can't really answer your question about the MM2, but I did want to toss something else out.
    Do you prefer a blade-edge only release (Fisher)or a full blade release? (Western) Consider the kind of ground you will be plowing. It seems from my observations that guys in the east like the Fisher with the edge release. Guys out here seem to prefer the full blade release. both are made by the same parent company. both have excellent reputations. The Fisher 8 ft is about 50 lbs heavier. Get pics when you get your trucks set up. We always like to see pics.:nod: Good Luck !
  3. gordyo

    gordyo Senior Member
    Messages: 527

    MM2 on a Chevy K-2500, don't notice any real difference with the spring on the lift ram. I believe they put it there because on the MM1 people were forgeting to collapse the lift cylinder when they took the plow off and it made hooking it back up real difficult if you forgot to collapse the lift cylinder giving enough slack in the chain.
  4. Brian Simmons

    Brian Simmons PlowSite.com - Sponsor
    Messages: 196

    The spring was added for the people that were having difficulty removing the plow. If you are familiar with the plow and know to remember to push the lift arm down before removal you can always just take it off.

  5. CPSS

    CPSS Senior Member
    Messages: 334

    We have the MM2 on a 2003 F-250 Powerstroke Diesel. Have plowed with it one season. I am very happy with it. It mounts and dismounts quickly and easily. We also have 2 of the original MM on a 2001 F-250 PSD and a 1997 F-250 PSD. I think the MM2 is a little bit easier. Both designes have been trouble free for us.
  6. LB Landscaping

    LB Landscaping Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 324

    I just picked up a MM2 and love the ease of operation. It comes on and off much easier than the MM1.
  7. wxmn6

    wxmn6 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,037

    I just got a Fisher 8' HD MM2 plow installed last month. I have owned the MM1 before, and comparing to my current plow, it is a huge improvement. No more tools required to unhook the plow, which was a pain with MM1. With MM2, the hooking & unhooking is much easier than ever. Also I really like the MM2 aero design. :)
  8. sno-mover

    sno-mover Senior Member
    Messages: 274

    I went today to the dealer and saw a MM2 and looks real nice! I cant decide what size I would need/want. I plow large open lots, so I don't have to worry much about getting into drivways to much, just mine:D

    Wxmn6; how do you like your 8'? how much wider is it than the truck? (at full angle)how did you come to your decsion,because I remember you said you wanted a "V"?

    Cpss; what size dou you have on the 03'? and what cab config do you have? any pics?

    :waving: :waving:
  9. Mike 97 SS

    Mike 97 SS Banned
    from U.S.A.
    Messages: 1,106

    MM2 Complaint..

    I remember reading on here somewhere a while ago that someone didnt like the fact that everytime you drop the plow, the lift arm goes completely down, due to that extra spring, therefor when you go to raise the plow, it takes that extra second or two. That extra second or two is to make up for the slack that is now in the chain from the lift arm going completely down. Just a minor gripe I guess, Im sure that spring can be easily removed if it was real bothersome. If it was me, I probably wouldnt mind that extra second or so it took to raise up. Besides when the chain has slack in it like that, the motor lifts real fast, because it isnt lifting any of the weight yet, so it wouldnt even take anywhere near 2 extra seconds. Mike pumpkin: <-- Its getting close to Halloween!
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2003
  10. wxmn6

    wxmn6 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,037

    I believe that the Fisher brochure said that the Fisher 8' HD plow at full angle is around 7'1" wide. Yes, I was considering about V plow last spring and part of summer but after doing extensive researching, I decided that the plow I bought is a better choice for me. I also am planning on getting a set of Power Scoop wings which should be more effecitve than V plow.

    I havn't plowed snow with it yet, just got it last month. I did notice one downside about their MM2 design. It is the lift arm spring that is collapsing all the way down when plow is in "float" mode. What happen is that the lift arm will go down all the way, and when you need to raise the plow, it would take a second (or two) longer to lift the plow. It does not sound that much, but I think that in long run, it would become a problem. It take about four seconds to completely lift the plow, I believe. So with those 1 or 2 seconds just because the lift ram is collapsed all the way down, you are drawing alot out of electrical system, so that would put in more wear and tear on truck electrical system, especially the batteries and alternator. Also it will wear out the lift pump too because it is working more than necessary. Sometime I would need to plow then quickly raise the plow while I still have the momentum as not to hit something or damage the lawn, the plow would need to raise immediately, not delayed by a second or two. So a quick fix will be just to remove the spring. When I am done plowing for the day, I can just reattach the spring. Otherwise, I think the MM2 is an excellent design although I am yet to test them out. :)
  11. ebaron

    ebaron Senior Member
    Messages: 110

    I originally mentioned the point about taking an extra second to raise the plow due to the spring. Many guys replied that they never noticed it. Not soon after, I lost a couple hydraulic hoses, which apparently were not crimped correctly. Fisher took care if it quickly, so if there was a restriction, that could have contributed to the 'second' as well. In any case, the spring can be taken off and it is no reason not to go for the MMII. The mounting mechansism is easier to use than the MM1 and I 'm happy with mine.
  12. Roger Dodger

    Roger Dodger Senior Member
    from nw Pa.
    Messages: 240

    Granted the MMII is a bit easier to unhook but tools needed to unhook a MM1?? Something isn't right there. You should be unhooked before 10 snowflakes fall on your hat! A simple push on the chain with your foot will further retract the lift cylinder and then it's pull the side pins, unhook the two plugs, and drive off. Done- 8 snowflakes on my hat, coffee is still warm in the truck!
  13. Mike 97 SS

    Mike 97 SS Banned
    from U.S.A.
    Messages: 1,106

    What I think Stephen meant was that with the MM1, they give you that bar type tool that has that pin on the end of it that you stick in one of the holes and pry it up one extra notch. With the MM2, there is no need for this tool Im guessing? If Im right, Fisher gives you that tool with the MM1, but it doesnt come with the MM2 because there is no need for it? Mike
  14. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    If your just plowing open lots,go with a 9 ft blade.The extra width pays off in productivity.Once your used to it,it seems no harder to manuever than an 8 or 8.5 ft.
  15. myo

    myo Senior Member
    Messages: 193

    I personally like the way the MM1 goes on and off. With the MM2, the spring retracts the spring all the way, leaving slack in the headgear, so when you back away from the plow it would have the tendancy to fall backwards toward your truck.
    The MM1 system you had to manually push the lift cyclinder down but it was nice because you could use the safety chain to keep the headgear straighter up and down than with the MM2.
    Both MM1 and MM2 are very nice, quick and easy and I would recommend the MM2.
  16. Mike 97 SS

    Mike 97 SS Banned
    from U.S.A.
    Messages: 1,106

    Myo, I dont quite understand what you mean. With the MM2, you pull the one handle and the foot drops and the 2 pins disconnect themselves. Once the foot is on the floor, how can the plow fall backwards when you back away with the truck if the foot on the plow is holding it up? Im not trying to sound arguementative, Im just trying to imagine what you mean in my head. Like I said above, I know with the MM1, they give you some sort of prybar to lift it to the next hole when removing the plow, so when you later return to hook it up, the plow and the truck line up more evenly. Thats why I was asking if that all still had to be done with the MM2 design. Do they give you a prybar with the MM2? Mike
  17. wxmn6

    wxmn6 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,037

    No it is not that simple. You need to push the lift arm all the way down to leave some slack on chain, then you will need to use the bar with pivot point and insert through one of hole on lift jack and use it to lift the headgear back, and use the other tool which is a hook, to pull out the pin. You have to do it once on each side. With mine, no way I could pull the pins out by myself without using the tools to put the pressure off the pins on headgear and undercarriage.


    The MM2 is very simple, but the pins handle do not drop the jack stand. In order for it to work, there is a jack stand pull handle that lock the pins handle when it is in mounted position, so that way the pins handle cannot get loose and plow fall off without warning. To unhook, I pull the jack stand handle, and that will drop the jack stand. While I am still holding the jack stand handle out, I pull the pins handle just a bit, just enough to get out of locked position before I could release the jack stand handle back in. I think that if you just pull the pins handle all the way down while you are still holding the jack stand handle out, the plow probably will fall off.

    Now, after I pull the pins handle out just a bit, I release the jack stand handle back in, so it will lock in the jack stand. Now I can pull the pins handle and the plow is unhooked! Then unplug 3 electrical connectors then you are done! :)
  18. Mike 97 SS

    Mike 97 SS Banned
    from U.S.A.
    Messages: 1,106

    Thanks Steve for clarifying that for me. I was under the impression you just release ONE handle and the stand drops and the pins release. I thought thats how Fisher was advertising it. So no one has answered me yet. Does the MM2 come with that prybar looking thing like the MM1 did? Mike
  19. wxmn6

    wxmn6 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,037

    Mike, there is absolutely no tools included in MM2. No tools required at all! That is why MM2 was designed. ;)
  20. Mike 97 SS

    Mike 97 SS Banned
    from U.S.A.
    Messages: 1,106

    Ok, thats good to hear. Now my next question would be this. When you drive up to the plow to re-attach, does the snowplow and the truck line up perfectly, or is the truck a little higher than the plow itself and just bumps into it? I know these may sound like stupid questions, but I know my friend had some trouble getting used to his MM1 because of this. Mike :)