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MM2 S-2 issues

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by EddieChow, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. EddieChow

    EddieChow Junior Member
    Messages: 4

    Over the past few storms i have had issues with the S-2 solenoid valve on my plow. ( I think) At first it was every few driveways, when I'd push left>the plow would go up. If I maxed out the lift the plow would then angle left or sometimes if i double clutched the controller it would angle left. Then it would work fine for a while.

    First repair attempt I found a loose fitting wire to the solenoid; called it good. Double checked magnetism at the coils when activated etc. Everything checks out.

    Next storm same inconsistent issues. Took the solenoid coil and valve cartridge out: cleaned the valve and made sure it could move freely, bench tested the assembly with a 12v batt and it worked fine. Checked the ohm rating, but couldn't confirm amp draw because i was working alone.

    Put it back together, still same issues. Not every time but pretty frequent. Tried my other Fish stick same results. Checked continuity on all plow side wires.

    Fiddled some more and then got both symptoms of an "s-2 not shifting" every time i attempted a function that involved the S-2 valve: (press left plow goes up AND press right no movement, motor trying to go both times). And now it is always happening, not intermittently like before. I've made the problem worse . . Here's what doesn't make sense, I end up swapping the ground and 12v wire connect to the solenoid coil and the thing works mint.

    So I'm thinking I have a loose or damaged truck side wire that's been getting moved around; messing with me and the plows operation.