Mitsubishi 4x4 bent


Thursday I was plowing with my 98 mitsubishi 4x4 when I hit a granite curb under the snowbank. I was going about 4mph. I hit the curb and the windshield too. There was a terrible creak at the moment of impact. I got out and lookedfor what it was. What I discovered was a bent frame. The front 18" of frame was bent down about 6". I took it to the body shop and they said $2000 to fix and your plow frame was improperly installed. I call the company that installed the plow and they say "Your dealer was supposed to call you and get you to come in for a new plow frame. In 98 there was no custom frame for that truck so we made a universal one fit. What went wrong was the universal frame hangs down and puts all the pressure on one part of the truck frame. It doesnt transfer the load back. Instead it twists downward." The installer is trying to figure out a way to get it fixed without me paying. He sais they fixed "a few" last year. My advice to others is look at your plow frame and make sure it is sending the load back along the frame. If not make some changes.

Mark Oomkes

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The best thing we've found to prevent this is to bulid a "push" bar that is either bolted or welded to the back of the main hookup on the plow frame and then goes to about the transfer case area and bolts to the frame of the truck. We have been doing this for at least 25 years. We have always had full trip plows so I don't know if this would apply to a trip edge, we just got our first one this year and do not have a push bar on it so I guess we'll see.

Aspen Snow

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What make plow? I heard Fisher had a recall on the mounting frames for the Mitsubishi FG. The new frame go farther back along the truck frame. How do you like your FG? We are looking at them presently. What size plow do you have? Do you have a sander in the bed? Let me know about this.



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From what I've seen of the Mitsu frames they are relaticly light material. In addition to being narrower than an amercian truck frame, something like 28 vs 34 inches out to out on the frame rails. The wheel track and spring perch widths are also narrower and as a result the trucks are pretty tippy, in my opinion. I'd buy a Ford before I'd buy a mitsu any day. Also they are pretty wimpy on power, something like 135 horse, I think.

Mike Nelson

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We have our 93 MitsuFH with a 9' Boss and have had no problems at all.In fact once a driver goes in to it,he doesn't want to drive the Fords again.
Site in your case I would put the blame on the installer!
Good Luck and let us know the outcome.


I like plowing with the mitsu. but I have my complaints. If I bought another it would be an automatic. The visibility is great, and its a comfortable truck. Once frost heave season kicks in you gotta be ready for bumps. I've hit the ceiling many times. I just put a sander on the back after the old sander truck caught fire. (I'm having a tough year) The low horsepower isn't a big deal because its well geared and there is plenty of torque. The truck has plenty of traction even without the sander. The wimpy frame... yeah there isn't as much steel as an American truck, but it seems to do its job. The whole plow frame thing would have probably happened anyways even with a heavier frame.