Missed the Barbie


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Hope the barbecue was good in New York, we couldn't make it because work is just too hetic and we are going away in two weeks, lots of projects to complete before then. Maybe next year....


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I had to be at a county fair, what a waste of time. It involved a problems, with a perade, one of my 550s and a chevy dealer who was a bigger sponser than myself. I guess money talks, 500 VS probably 100K between loaded trucks and cash makes a big difference. My CO's name wasn't even published.



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Hope it went well,almost went because I got to go up to Rochster to pick up a plow soon...to much other work going on here now..which is a good thing!

John Allin

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Erie, PA
I would have liked to have gone too, but we had to get the RFP's out for First Union. Got them all done and in the mail. What a monster job.

From the other threads, it seems that the bbq went well. Glad to hear that. It's good when plowers can get together like that, learn, interact with each ohter.... just makes everyone that much better in the biz....

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