Misc. Prices...need Help!!!

As I grow my snow business larger and larger each year, we are submitting proposals for larger and larger jobs. I was just curious what everyone else is getting for the following additional services that these bigger jobs want prices on.

Front End Loader/Dump Truck (per man hour)

5 yards Dump Truck (per man hour)

4 yard loader

3 yard loader

2 yard loader

1 yard loader

Additional Salt per ton

Addtional Calcium Chloride per 80# bag

I do not even have these for myself yet. I am just wanting to get an idea or ball park price. All that I have done to date has just been plowing and sidewalks times what I want an hour. Thanks for all of the help guys.

David A. Parks


Stamford, CT
David, it might help you get an answer if you posted your location in your profile.

You will most likely get general ballpark answers as most guys are not eager to post their prices so that a potential competitor will know their pricing structure.

Alot depends on your market area and what it will bear.

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