miracle on monday


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northeastern WI.
well about 2weeks ago i bought 2skids of bagged salt for 2.92 a bag cause i ran out of leads to get bulk salt, well it happens on monday that the highway comisioner called me and said i could pick up some salt if i was still interested, 36.70 a ton is this in the ballpark? it's way cheaper than i paid for the bagged stuff.
luckily i sold the bagged to a buddy of mine that also has a salter.


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Yeah, that's in the ballpark, alright. Municipalities get better prices than the average joe because they may buy 6000 tons of salt, for instance.

I'd do whatever it took to nurture that relationsip, in all honesty. If it were me, I wouldn't foget the guy at Christmas, all joking aside.

Maybe choose a small gift like food or something that couldn't be construed as a bribe, but that nonethless shows itself as a small token of appreciation on your part. I've watched my father do this for years in his business.

Consider yourself lucky since you had no other alternative for bulk material and even if you would have, it would have been more costly, without a doubt.

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