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I'm in my first year plowing (though at 46 I've been around some and sure don't feel like a spring chicken) and friends that don't plow always ask if I have a minumum price for a small commercial lot. I try to be around $50.00 to make firing up the rig worthwhile. Opinions please?
We have a minimum price for residentials of $30 which keeps my one ton away from the drives I don't want. A minimum price for commercials is kind of like one size fits all underwear. With each lot being different and presenting different obstacles you'll have a hard time sticking to prices or making money. I have people ask that same question about " Well how much do you get to plow?" and I usually reply that we get XXX amount per hour with xxx amount min time charge all dependent on location and difficulty. This probably didn't help you much, but like all service jobs, be very mindful how you bid.

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We have a $40.00 dollar commercial minimum for plowing only. A $50.00 minimum for plow & salt. Shoveling is extra for new accounts some of my old ones it is included in the $50.00.Our two current 40.00 lots take 10 to 15 minutes on 2" to 3" snow.

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