Might see SNOW in Vermont tonight, 5/30


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Forecasts for tonight are calling for snow at elevations above 2,000 ft., of which there is quite a bit of this small state. I'm at about 350 ft. ASL, and it's 38 deg. and drizzle right now. Real wacky year shaping up right now.


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Not likely to see snow here but good chance of frost - which is pretty wacky for this area on the eve of June!

Had hotter days in April than May this year, also the long range weather(guesser) outlook is for it to be a wet summer. Had one of those LAST year - great for lawns, lousy for parachuting............


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I'm not in Vermont, but if you check the JayPeakResort website, you can see that they got 4-6 on the mountain. Even Killington picked up a dusting. Go figure, Snow in (almost) June !!