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Midewest Blizzard, Part 2


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Just got back from 5 straight days of plowing and trim work. My staff and I are beat! Got around 10" on Sunday/Monday and another 4" on Wednesday. Overall, it was a disaster; one 'friend' that worked for us quit in the middle of his route, the mount for an old meyer plow broke and we bent the hell of out the main cylinder on our Kwickway v plow on our skid loader. To top things off, the tenants that live at every one of our apartments buildings the we service called nonstop to complain about our plowing. You'd think they would realize that it takes a little time to plow 10" of snow in near blizzard conditions. Where do people really need to go in extreme weather anyway????

Anyway, tomorrow is round two. Another blizzard on the way, but with less snow this time. Thankfully, the MRF forecast model shows a little quiter week next week for us. We need a break.


Good luck in the upcoming week. We will be sending thank you cards to all of our customers next week thanking them for the patience. We only had one person call and complain and then he called and canceled us. He said he was not an "important enough customer." Everyone else gratiously thanked us and wished well for the week.

SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
You don't want customers like that anyway. I had one call me saying "Could you please remove the snow from my driveway???" My wife explained to her that ICE does not move. She declined salt, so I guess she's on her own there.



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Chicago, Il
We sent letters out this year to our customers, that stated in blizzard conditions we will only keep the roads open and not clear parking and sidewalks until the storm is over, also stated in the letter that we will have the majority of the parking cleared eight hrs after the storm but they have to move their cars in order for us to do a good job on the clean up phase. Most have moved their cars when we are doing their spaces and drives but a few still call and ask us to come back for clean up, next year we are going to charge extra for this service call back, hope they get the message.


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Originally posted by iowastorm
To top things off, the tenants that live at every one of our apartments buildings the we service called nonstop to complain about our plowing
I would think that they should be beefing to the landlord and not you. I dont deal with tenants, I tell them to have the landlord call me. He never does so apparently its never as big a problem as tenants make it out to be.


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We don't deal w/ the tenants. However, when the property managers receive enough calls, they call us. There was no problem with our service; we keep the main drives open during the entire storm. In fact, we probably spent too much time servicing these properties. The case was that there was a full moon and people just like to bi#ch.


LOVE that snow!! :)

Just got done going over the truck repair maint. etc. Picked up 2 new commerical accounts, even got a tip $20.00 cash for gas because I was so quick responding (3 hrs) oh well I'll take all donations.

SlimJim - How much snow did you get, In K.C. we got 9" except the weather man for got how to measure. He uses that high tech system, I just put a yard stick in the snow over concrete, close enough for me