mid-atlantic snow

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by BRIMOW525, Feb 22, 2001.

  1. BRIMOW525

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    FINNALLY the mid atlantic might get some snow. Now I can act crazy getting supplies and equipment ready. Sure do miss it. I'll do some " white lines" for everyone who doesn't get any and keep u guys posed on how much and when...Happy plowing!
  2. SJR

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    BRING IT ON!!!!!!This has been the most disappointing winter.

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  3. John DiMartino

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    You guys south of me are having all the fun now,we are only going to get dusted.Have fun,everyone.
  4. Dockboy

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    After this year's recent forecasts,

    I'll believe it when I see it!:D

    I remember a forecast around New Years for 10-12. I was in Vermont at the time, cut my vacation short, drove all day and didn't get a flake :(

    But we'll see.

    I'm supposed to leave this morning to deliver a boat to Atlantic City NJ. but I think I'll wait till tommorrow. My luck I'll stay and it won't happen ;)


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  5. Mike Nelson

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    Just got our weather maybe 2-4 inches tonight

    Stay tuned :D
  6. John Allin

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    And we're supposed to get less than an inch....

    Life's just not fair.....

    (don't throw things.... I'm only kidding - have at it boys!! You deserve it...)
  7. Ben W

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    Just came back from plowing. It was 4" wet and heavy. That makes 6 times I have plowed this winter.
  8. jrodgers

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    They say we might get 4 to 6 but who knows. The last snow we got there wasnt supposed to be a flake, only rain and we got a surprise 3 or 4.
  9. HandyHaver

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    We're supposed to get 4-6 in the Phila area. Been a few weeks since I've been out. Everthing ready on this end. Think I'll catch a nap, hope to be out all night. Have a safe & profitable one out there!

  10. JCurtis

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    1"-3" predicted for this area starting arund 3 or 4 pm today.

    Hope its at least 2" so I can drop plow one more time.

    otherwise its just a salt event

    Poor John Allin only 1 inch, heck thats not even enough to start your trucks for. you should have enough residual magic down by now to melt this one with out even calling out the troops
  11. Lanelle

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    Snow amount is borderline-plowable here now. Looks to be almost over and we have almost 2" on the pavement. So now the clients get to make the decisions. When it started today, around 11 am, snow immediately stuck to roadways and visibility was poor---- there's a 113-car/truck pile up on I-95 south of here. Nobody knows how long I-95 will be closed. What a mess.
  12. Dockboy

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  13. Mike Nelson

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    With all this snow,we are starting to cut into our beer money for Denver.

    Please make it stop!!! I don't want to go thirsty :mad:
  14. 66Construction

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    Lanelle.....I saw that pile up on the news.

    It's my favorit time now right about 3:00 I'm waiting for the snow to stop, the truck is ready after four hours. I droped the plow a couple of days ago not noticing all the corosion on the connectors(fisher minuite mount) I had to lift the plow and bolt the safety chain to get it home from the garage w/o the plow lights slightly ilegal. It took a while but I found two broken connectors and a lot of corosion. 4 hours of cleaning changing the fluid and splicing the wires to make the connections without the plugs and I'm ready to plow. I think it's time for a new wire harness. 4 hours is way to much work just to get ready to plow two inches.
  15. John Allin

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    An inch of snow and flurries now (here in our market).
    Everybody out salting parking lots and doing sidewalks.
    Nice easy night. Should be profitable.
    I'd take this every day.
    You guys can have the 12" monsters.
  16. Mike Nelson

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    Good Morning All,

    4 inches here in the great Hudson Valley.

    Guys are starting to return from plowing and salting.

    Bring in the next crew at 9am to clear condos.

    Nice easy storm,would have been better if we got SUNSHINE!
  17. MJ

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    5:10AM - 2-3" and still falling. Haven't been out to measure it yet - finishing 2nd cup of coffee. Here I go - into the white yonder. I just remembered - I took the plow off !! Oh no!! Now I've got to turn the truck around to hook it up. Thanks for Fisher Minute Mounts and attached garages.

  18. SlimJim Z71

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    Ummm... let's see here. I can still see my driveway.... no clouds in the sky... NOPE, no snow.

  19. JCurtis

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    Forecasters were wrong again.... What else is new!

    original forecasts were for 0 - 2" for the Stamford area, then they changed to 2" to 4" on wednesday's late forecast. then they said 1" to 3" all day yesterday.

    I measured 4.5 " to 5" in my driveway.

    Wish I was a meteorologist, its the only job I know with no serious consequences if you F*** up.

    Sorry for the poor attitude.

    We don't have as much as Chicago or Erie, but we hit the 3 foot mark with this storm.

    Forecaster called it the snowiest winter in our area in 5 years.

    COME ON JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. snow

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    Nice,easy storm

    oh well, i only did 2 driveways. the storm i did 2 also, because i had school. The snow was a lot easier to remove than the wet snow we had last storm. I have to work on a school project, so i'm kinda happy i only did two. Sunday,the snow will probably melt being 50 degrees and rain.