Mid Am Show

I went to the Mid Am show at Navy Pier on Wenesday and saw some pretty cool things. Best snow plow exhibit went to Hiniker. Now before I get blasted about Hiniker plows let me say that i don't own one, don't intend to own one , wouldn't recommend one. But, they had a working model of their C-Plow as well as a demo video. I give them credit for an innovative concept. But looking at the moldboard it made me wonder if you could punch a nail through it, looked very thin. Hinker reps were very nice but I didn't gein their face about what I think is a severe lack of potential durability.

Snoway had a V there and this thing looks like a plow should. I currently own a Fisher straight but I don't think I'd shy away from a Snoway.

Everything else was pretty much the way you know it is, but thought I'd comment on these two.

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