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Hello everyone! This is my first post here with Plowsite so bear with me. I started my own plowing business 6 years ago, but I've been plowing for 7 years now with 1/2 ton Chevy trucks and Western Plows. I bought a new 2001 Chevy 2500HD with the Duramax/Allison. I'm going to get the plow mount this Friday actually. My question is, does anyone here plow with Michelin LTX tires, and if so, how well do they perform in the snow? I'm seriously considering Michelin LTX A/T tires; I've always ran the BFG All Terrain T/A's and they have performed excellent for plowing on a 1/2 ton. I have the OEM Firestone's on the truck now, and want to get rid of them (can't stand them). I need the load range E tire though. Would you consider the LTX A/T or the LTX M/S? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Tim Hager
Tim's Snow Plowing
2001 Chevy 2500HD LS Reg Cab LB Duramax/Allison
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