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mhlsystems.com plow blades

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by spencers, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. spencers

    spencers Senior Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 120

    Has anyone on here ordered and use a plow blade from mhlsystems? I'm thinking of getting one for my boss v plow however they want 1800 bucks per blade. They say they will last 10 times longer than an oem blade. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on them.

  2. Nick B

    Nick B Junior Member
    from Madison
    Messages: 26

    Yes, I ordered a set last year and another set this year for one of my other plow. I would say they are going to last at least 10 times longer my runs consit of about 14 to 30 hr runs depending on the snow fall and of course when it stops and starts. We remove snow on roads, commercial properties and your typical himeowner also. I haven't even notice any wear to tell you the truth. If you have anymore questions I will be happy to answer them for you.