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what happened to all of the mfg's that used to be on plow site...Are they ever going to come back and support their products again?


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While I don't want to speak for Chuck Keough I will say what I remember. It came down to the manufacturer forums were getting post with complaints or problems. Not a good advertisement. Along with this the manufacturers wanted the posts to be e-mailed to them for an answer. Not easy for Plowsite. I think they did not want to put in the full effort. Bad P.R. if you ask me. Here is the largest collection of snow removal contractors. I know for a fact that many still monitor the site but I think they could have benefitted by responding on a public forum to problems with their equipment. I for one would have had increased respect for them.

This is all my opinion and in no way represents !

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I wonder how they feel after round 2 was completed?I found it very interesting and informative although i was a bit dissapointed to find there are no 9.5 V problems in Rockland Maine:rolleyes: ,He was obviously getting tired of fielding that question but i feel it is a legitamite gripe that they really don't have an answer for yet.Hopefully our complaints won't fall on deaf ears:help:

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You may be talking about different manufacturers, but Fisher and Western now have discussion threads going here, and the suggestion is out there that other plow manufacturers who are sponsors may also get discussion threads going.

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Hi Karen,those are the two i was talking about,i believe the reps were here untill yesterday as a "trial" run,maybe i'm wrong?Anyways,i wonder what they thought of all of us,this is as close to your end user as you can possibly get and not all the comments were posotive,they asked,we told.


If I remember correctly, the old mfg forums were removed because the mfg's that were representing them were not prepared to handle it... they need at least one or two dedicated employees that's sole job is their mfg forum... IMO.

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