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This is a really dumb question.
I just bought a truck with a meyers plow on it.
Somebody put in one of those locking pins on the pump.
You know so nobody can steal the pump.
The key goes in the thing but does not turn.
Is there a trick to these things?
I sprayed some WD-40 in it, and still nothing.
Anybody got any clues?


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well if it's any thing like a trailer locking pin you have to turn the key as you try to pull off if the key turns in the cylender then it shuld come off,I always have trouble with my trailer hitch pin but it does come off .

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Agreed - sounds like a job for the "blue wrench" (torch) to me.

One winter of being out in the salt/moisture etc has likely got the lock seized right up. You can first attempt heating it up, then giving the key a try, but I have a feeling you will end up using the cutting feature of the torch!

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If you do end up cutting the pin off and would still like to have an "anti-theft" pin, one way to do it is with weld.

If you use a bolt & nut to mount the pump, tack-weld the nut to the bolt. If you fab up a pin, weld a "keeper" to it.

Sure you'll have to use the torch or grinder to take it off again, but you're doing that to the locking pin anyway and this will require fewer $$$.

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I'm not sure how the Meyer pump is held to the frame work but if it is like the Western then there is an aluminum lug on the bottom that this pin passes through. If this is the case then you want to bee careful not to tranfer too much heat from the torch and damage this mounting point.
Maybe I'm out in left field but it would seem to be a concern.
Could someone tell me if this could be a problem?


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