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With this warm spell i took the time to service my 7 1/2 Meyers poly. It was basically new at the beginning of this season (used for a few times last season). I could not believe the condition of the bolts connecting the angle cylinders etc!!!! One was bent so bad I had a hell of a time getting it out. the others were worn and bent so bad they had to be replaced with grade 8's. I like to think I take it easy when I plow as I use my own truck and was amazed. We what I am trying to get at is for the newbies to plowing out there (like myself) take this break to check over your equipment. If I hadnt of pulled those bolts out I am sure the plow would have failed the next time out. I do 30 or so residential props and 2 commercial.<br>Pat

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It's always important to check your trucks and equipment over. We try to check everything over at the end of the storm, and then again before the next storm. Every spring every plow and sander get's pressure washed, and every august and september we began getting our equipment ready for next year. Also because we have only two types of plows at least on trucks, we keep a very large parts inventory. Parts for loader plows are a different storm. It doesn't take long for stuff to wear out. As you grow try to get the driver's to be responsible for their own trucks. <p>Geoff


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For years all we have used is western and boss plows and have very little trouble.<br>We work them very hard with over 70 comm. accounts and to many drives to count.


Pat...try going to Chucks chevy pages and then go to the snowplow links.....a lot of great tips there. You may want to re-install the bolts with the lock nuts on top. At the top of the page, go to the window that says &quot;show discussionslast 50 days&quot; There is a post &quot;meyer modifications&quot;...this may help you prevent a lot of future problems. Like most meyer come with bolts that are not the correct length.<p>Lou<p>

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