Meyers E47 plow unit


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Trying to trouble shoot my unit. No angle to right. If I'm correct "A" (black wire) solenoid engerized motor should not run and plow should lower. "B" (red wire) soleniod energized and motor running plow should rais. "C" (grenn wire) solenoid energized and motor running plow should angle right. Motor running and no solenoids engerized and plow should angle left. Am I correct in these assmptions. Currently plow will not angle right.

Your A valve is raise up, B-valve angle right and C-valve is angle left, and gravity down. There is a good chanch there is air in the line, or cylinder, try putting it up against a curb, and give it a little gas while tring to angle the blade.

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For the record....

motor & B coil energized = raise

energized A coil = lower & float

motor & C coil energized = angle right

motor energized = angle left

Your problem is in your C coil & valve. It could be stuck, or the O rings can be worn. It might not be getting power. If it is getting power and has magnetism, you need to remove it and look for rust / debris, and or damaged O rings. I doubt the problem is "air" in the system.

The problem can also be the quick disconnect couplers, but I would check the C coil first.



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hey guys,
so i guess "energized" would mean it is magnetic correct? This is only my second season with a plow so I am still trying to understand the workings. Since I'm at it, I figured I'd ask a few other questions. Should I grease the rods which both the lift pump and the power angle cylinders recieve or will that contaminate the system? Do I Reaaly have to use only Meyer hydrolic fluid? Is it ok if there is some kerosine residue in the system after changing fluid and cleaning the system? The last time I changed the fluid I remember once I was done it lifted great but it took a few moments for the power angleing to kick in, was that a bad thing? :eek:


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I messed with my Meyer E-47 most of the afternoon today-it would not lift but would go right or left & when I moved the joy stick to raise the plow it only angled left. After researching some old posts I went back and found that the red wire was not making contact on the joy stick connection. Problem solved!:) Not all was lost since I thoroughly serviced the unit trying to bebug! This is my second year on the site and I find it tremendously valuable.



cleveland, OH can test if a solinoid is engerized with a friend and a screwdriver....just have a buddy hit the control and hold a screwdriver by the solinoid that you are testing it will stick (like a magnet...cause thats what it is) and you can go from there...also check your dealer they have service manuals...for free to a couple bucks that have flow charts to diagnose any problem....

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