meyers dunkin doughnut coffee


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if you buy a new meyer plow from a local dealer they'll give you free coffee for a year from dunkin doughnuts, must be gettin desperate

the things Dealers do......

Got Grass?

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Western New York
The deal sould be buy a years worth of coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts get a free Myers. If it's an unlimited ammount of coffee some of us could give the Myers away & still be ahead.


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well not a bad idea because when i had a meyers i was fixing it more than plowing with it.the free coffee would of been nice at the time cause it would give me something to through at the plow
meyers is junk!!

Jerre Heyer

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Erie, PA
Free Coffee!!!!!

Guess I got it all wrong having a coffee pot on in the shop for customers to have a cup.

I used to think there was a problem because alot of Blizzard customers are done with there route and stop by for coffe and a chat.

The up side is potential buyers ask them what's wrong with there plow and they say nothing there caught up and just stopped for coffee!!!


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