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Did you just buy a truck with a Meyers plow set-up but the owner took his plow, pump and lights???? I can sell you two out of three so you can put that truck to work right away.

I have one 7.5 foot Meyers Plow blade and one E-47 pump both in good condition.

The plow blade I have listed before on Plowsite. Its a three-spring ST-90 complete with A-frame, angle cylinders, snow deflector and side markers. Cutting edge measures 5 inches tall (six when new), cylinders dont leak and works flawlessly. Only for sale due to purchase of 8 foot plow for dump truck, or would still be in use today. You cant buy the sector and A-frame alone for what Im selling this plow blade for. Will sell plow only, separate of the pump below for $ 350.00.

The Meyers is an E-47 unit that became a backup last season when I picked up an E-60. Pump received a complete internal service January 02 and works perfectly. WILL ONLY sell with the above Meyer blade. Only selling to try to move the extra blade out of my driveway. Extra pumps are priceless during a storm when one goes down. Will sell the package for $ 850.00 or close reasonable offer.

Will hook up and operate prior to purchase for your satisfaction.

NOTE: No truck frame, wiring harness or lights are included in this package. Will fit any truck with a current Meyers plow setup with the 23.5 inch undercarriage. Best bet for someone looking to replace existing plow due to rust or damage or the old two spring home owner model.

If interested contact me at and leave an email with any questions along with your phone number. I will get back to you within a day of your message.

Located outside Trenton NJ but willing to help facilitate shipping if necessary.
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