Meyer V plow

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Black Ice Guru, Feb 17, 2001.

  1. Black Ice Guru

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    ok im new here so i did a search before i posted this but i did'ent find anything.what do you guys think about the meyers v plow ? does anyone here own one or heard anything about them? oh yeah and whats the price on them also?
  2. GeoffD

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    Cheap construction, weak design. Early 1st and maybe 2nd year models were all recalled.

  3. Stephen

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    i agree with Geoff - total junk. I had a loaner last year when my fisher was on back order free of charge from the dealer. Only had it about a month, and it was brand new. I had lots of pump problems with it and a full trip plow doesn't work for a v-blade. Especially when you catch in the scoop position and the plow trips and the truck keeps going right over top of it.
  4. GREG R

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    My meyer dealer told me straight-up not to bye one
    for a least a couple of years.
    He told me they tested these plows by pushing
    around sand in 90 degree weather and when they
    went to use them in cold weather they have nothing
    but problems with seals and pumps.
  5. plowguy06

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    i have seen only pictures of these and they look really small and junky.
  6. Mike Nelson

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    So I take it,you guys don't them!
  7. Caneplow

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    I have read several posts on this topic and I have dropped them from my consideration due to all the people that have had issues with them.
  8. plowking35

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    Well it uses an E 60H pump, so that is no differnt than any other meyer plow out there. But they basically took a 8.5' plow cut it in half, and then welded a hing in the center. The 5 that I saw last winter, were all splitting at the hinge point. As for a trip assembly, it looked like a boss, but not 1/5 as strong. They also used the same boss idea for wing retraction.
    The dealer said that all v plows were recalled, and that they wernt making them any more. The only benifit I saw with that plow, was the fact that one could just buy a v plow, and use the existing hydro and frame kit. But after seeing how poorly they were made, I crossed them right off.
  9. OP
    Black Ice Guru

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    WOW! thanks for the info guy's
  10. BillNero

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    Meyer V Plow?

    I've been selling and servicing Snow & Ice Control equipment for twenty years and have never seen such a piece of junk as the Meyer V Plow.

    Actually told customers I wouldn't sell them one!


    Bill Nero